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Mickey mouse – a little mouse with human legs and the ability to talk. Its main characteristic are the red shorts, yellow shoes and white gloves. At the moment this character is the most popular cartoon character all over the world. TV shows and movies have been translated in almost all languages and in all countries.

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Rural race Rural race
Mickey fashionista Mickey fashionista
Skateboard Skateboard
Dancing Dancing
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Pillow fight Pillow fight
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Rescue the Princess Rescue the Princess
Hidden numbers Mickey mouse Hidden numbers Mickey mouse
Mickey's Apple catch Mickey's Apple catch
Super racer Super racer
Mickey Adventure 2 Mickey Adventure 2
Baseball 2 Baseball 2
Mickey feeds Pluto Mickey feeds Pluto
Mickey mouse prints Mickey mouse prints
Fill the house Fill the house
Hidden objects Hidden objects
Funny Mickey Mouse Funny Mickey Mouse
Coloring pages Mickey mouse Coloring pages Mickey mouse
Mickey mouse on a snowboard Mickey mouse on a snowboard
Hidden alphabets Hidden alphabets
Math with Mickey mouse Math with Mickey mouse
Mickey mouse rescuer Mickey mouse rescuer
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Puzzle mania Puzzle mania

Mickey mouse – a hero of one genre His image appears not only in the original cartoon series, but in the comics, movies, entertainment and video games Interestingly, on the walk of fame in Los Angeles hosted a real star named Mickey mouse Beautiful and witty mouse Mickey mouse from his birth to the present day is one of the most popular animated characters of our time Especially for you on our site you will find diverse Mickey mouse games: jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, puzzles, arcade and other dynamic genres with games placed on our website free of charge and without registration, you will be able to help your beloved hero to collect various items, play with the other disney characters in sports games or help Mickey mouse to collect the portrait of his sweetheart, Minnie mouse jigsaw puzzles we Invite you to join a dynamic and unforgettable adventures of Mickey mouse and his friends! To be a charming and colorful world of disney cartoons and everyone can All you need is a personal computer, website spanch-boborg and good mood, Choose your favorite games Mickey mouse and the world forward in an interesting and interactive entertainment history of the creation of the character Mickey Mousecat mentioned above, the official date of birth of Mickey mouse is November 18, 1928 To date, Mickey mouse, 85 years, but during this time it has not lost its former popularity In 1928, the owner of the Studio production of animated films Walt Disney lost the rights to his previous character, Oswald the rabbit as a Result of this event, Walt came up with a new character – Mickey mouse Passed a small amount of time as a little mouse has conquered not only the cartoons but also TV series, comics and games Mickey mouse Animator who was involved in the design of the mouse claims that long experimented with it and offered Walt the various options: frog, kitten, puppy and others, but they were all rejected The Walt Disney asserts that he chose a mouse because his previous job had so many mice that he decided to tame one Animated series "Mickey mouse Club"In 2006, the world first saw the animated series "Mickey mouse Club" in this series you will be able to see your favorite character, his faithful friends: Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, goofy, Pluto and Mickey's sweetheart Minnie mouse Storyline is at the beginning of each series of Mickey mouse and his friends are faced with a specific issue and throughout the series you fix Series is informative and interesting for the children, because in comic form he develops intellectual abilities and horizons of a child Interesting facts about Mickey Mouseplanet with more than eighty years of history has many interesting facts Here are some of them: the personal Logo of the Disney channel was created in the style of Mickey mouse, but rather uses the contour of his head Mickey mouse is the first mouse of Walt Disney, the first was the little mouse Mortimer, but due to lack of funding and support of the public, he retired the Ears of Mickey mouse are a personal brand of Disney, this is shown even in cartoons, when a mouse turns his head – his ears remain in place During the Second World War was used the question: "Who is Mickey Mouse?" in order to identify German spies In one of feature films years and are considered "Christmas Mickey mouse" American artist published a book that in which depicted the life of Mickey Book at the moment is a rarity and its very difficult to find the Start of the game Mickey mouse and along with your favorite cartoon characters plunge into the fantastic world of Walt Disney with Just us and Mickey mouse you will be able to have fun search for items, coloring pictures or dynamic races with your favorite characters in the game.

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