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Cartoons and fairy tales bear in themselves the beauty and sincerity that can not will not appeal to young viewers. The game is a charming girl with a beautiful face, figure and hair color. The upper part of the feminine human body, and the lower – scaly fish tail.

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Underwater residents Underwater residents
Kisses little mermaid Kisses little mermaid
The city of mermaids. The city of mermaids.
Tour Tour
Sea Princess Sea Princess
New image New image
The beauty contest The beauty contest
Private room Private room
Gorgeous beauty Gorgeous beauty
The Little Mermaid Ariel The Little Mermaid Ariel
The Daughter Of Triton The Daughter Of Triton
Oh Oh
The transformation of the little mermaid The transformation of the little
Culinary masterpiece Culinary masterpiece
Queen of the underwater Kingdom Queen of the underwater Kingdom
Dream Princess Dream Princess
Sea party Sea party
Big fashionista Big fashionista
Atlantic Kingdom Atlantic Kingdom
The king's fair daughter The king's fair daughter
Underwater life Underwater life
The Kingdom Of Neptune The Kingdom Of Neptune
Love mermaid Love mermaid
Wedding in the underwater Kingdom Wedding in the underwater Kingdo
Little mermaid Little mermaid
At the bottom of the sea At the bottom of the sea
Gorgeous mermaid makeup Gorgeous mermaid makeup
Little mermaid - the differences Little mermaid - the differences
Beautiful mermaid mosaic Beautiful mermaid mosaic
Mermaid in a fish tank Mermaid in a fish tank
Rescue the mermaid Rescue the mermaid
Dream like a kiss Dream like a kiss
The kings Triton tournament The kings Triton tournament
Coloring pages little mermaid Coloring pages little mermaid
The maze The maze
Ariel - water ballet Ariel - water ballet
Colorful mermaid Princess Colorful mermaid Princess
Secrets of the sea collection Secrets of the sea collection
Royal mermaid Princess Royal mermaid Princess
Little mermaid 2 Little mermaid 2
Cute mermaid makeover Cute mermaid makeover
Makeup for little mermaid Makeup for little mermaid
Mermaid Princess Mermaid Princess
Wedding of the little mermaid Wedding of the little mermaid
Underwater beauty Underwater beauty
Crazy puzzle Crazy puzzle
Sea mermaid Sea mermaid
Cute fairy mermaid Cute fairy mermaid
Water world Water world
Ariel school of fish Ariel school of fish

Mermaid games allow you to plunge into a completely different world – the world of the underwater Kingdom it is Worth remembering that though the Kingdom and dreamlike, but there are many negative characters who can bring you harm Choose a game that will appeal to most, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the underwater world In this world you can meet new friends, meet other mermaids and you have to help the main character, using their intellectual abilities, to get out of prison, decorate the house, to find the lost gem help to dress up the main character to the ball the Animators from Disney studios have created the perfect colorful world where even the ordinary fish is a feature of the Game mermaid posted on our website free of charge and without registration, transmit the same to the atmosphere by Running one of the games, you will be hard to stop playing Along with the main character of the cartoon Ariel you go into an unforgettable journey along the sea bottom together with his loyal friends: Sebastian the crab and handsome Prince Eric, who is a beloved of the main heroine Especially for you we have selected the best FLASH Mermaid games for every taste: puzzle, coloring book, action (action), puzzles and other genres of Cartoon "the little Mermaid" from Disney and his story linemulti "the little Mermaid" was created and presented to the public in 1989, the Studio Disney Created this cartoon was based on the eponymous tale by Hans Christian Andersen Although feature-length animated film was created at the turn of the 90-ies, the cartoon is still popular among its target audience – children Cartoon colorful and kind, that provoked a positive reaction from critics the Storyline of the Main character of this animated feature is mermaid – Ariel's History in the story of the writers of the cartoon "the little Mermaid" begins with the main character Ariel is not at the concert The girl is very fond of people and wanted to get into the world ludatrade, the girl swam the depths of the ocean together with his loyal friends Sebastian the crab and the fish Fludara At the same time, near the cave, where he loved to hide from his Ariel's father Triton, sailed the ship beautiful Prince Eric Prince falls under the storm, falls in the borot and starts to sink, Ariel, in turn, makes it to shore, Ariel swims away, but the Prince Erik still managed to notice and remember the Desire to be human was so strong, the mermaid decides to contract with the sea witch Ursula In the contract Ursula makes Ariel human legs for three days and if during this period the Prince will kiss her, then she will remain human forever, if not, then you will become her slave for However, the only condition was that the mermaid will give your voice the Naive Ariel Ursula agrees, not knowing that Ursula plans to enslave the whole Kingdom and throw the king Triton with Trona the end, Prince announces Eric fight Ursula and defeated her King Triton got back his Kingdom and trusting the people gave Ariel legs and allowed the man to be Eric and Ariel get married fairy Tale "mermaid" by Hans Christian Understatment that Hans Christian Andersen was collecting folklore, therefore, in his stories the writer used the popular retelling of the mermaid, in fact, is a character from Slavic mythology, However, the author was represented this tale from the point of view of folk mythology, and gave the main heroin kindness, sincerity and most importantly – love the story Itself was written in 1837, and the story tells about a young mermaid living at the bottom of the ocean she is ready to give almost everything to become human and meet a loved one – a mysterious Prince As mentioned above, feature-length animated film from the Studio "Disney" has completely adopted the storyline of the writer Hans Christian Andersen and the cartoon was filmed in his explanation of the Game mermaid is a very beautiful, interesting and useful games that develop logical thinking of children, so go ahead and start your favorite game and dive into the world of adventures together with their favorite characters in the game.

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