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Do you like charming little bunnies? And you come to a complete delight, when they begin to behave like men? So you will certainly appreciate the game Max & Ruby, presented on our site!

Max and Ruby Games - Play Online For Free!

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Max and ruby hidden objects Max and ruby hidden objects
Figure skating with ruby Figure skating with ruby
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Football with ruby Football with ruby
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Toy parade Toy parade
Max and ruby - hide and seek Max and ruby - hide and seek

Interesting and entertaining adventures of two rabbits - brother and sister max and ruby will impress not only fans of the eponymous series, but other lovers of bright colorful and fascinating flash games Just download games Max and ruby on our website, choose any category, and swipe with your favorite cartoon characters all your free time! Game Max and ruby is a simple colorful game for children 3-5 years old who created the eponymous animated canadian serialex and ruby were born in friendly and cheerful family of rabbits, but grew up different in character and temperament ruby is the eldest in the family, calm and good-natured girl, who always obeys mommy and daddy Max is her beloved younger brother, restless prankster who constantly invents new games and entertainment ruby tries to prevent a disobedient brother from problems and disappointments, but it is not always possible and Max are regularly caught in some stories She is left with no choice but to help him and participate in his many sebahire Max and ruby will love the girls and very young gamers, who will appreciate an interesting story, awesome gameplay and a simple mission, Collect bonuses and items, play sports, solve puzzles and help funny and charming young rabbits to cope with any tasks!

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