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Masyanya is a popular Russian Federation in the character of the eponymous animated series. Eventually, after the decline of the popularity of this cartoon Masyanya is back in a new role, which captivated not only children but also adults – a computer flash game Masyanya. Actually, a project called "Masyanya" was so successful that it sparked a real viral effect. With the release of each new episode of the animated series or part of each new game users global Internet forwarded them to each other, thus created a viral effect. Thanks to the popularity, cartoons and games Masyanya grew more than one generation of children of the two thousandth. Masyanya – a successful symbiosis of mind, crude, but funny humor and a bit of a strange appearance.

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Masyanya under the yellow press Masyanya under the yellow press
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Masyanya was born in Saint Petersburg and even has a real name is Maria, the Main character presents a little more unusual style – a big head with nepilnai hair of three hair in conjunction with untidy appearance represents his fans the perfect different culture cartoons Indifferent to politics, an anarchist, is not shy about rude or sarcastic expressions, but also colloquial verbal construction are commonplace for the doll on the other hand, we will not deny the fact that, actually, the main character of the animated series is the projection of Russian society in the 2000s, Quite possibly, the tumultuous wave of popularity, which fell on Masyanya, was due to the fact that teenagers of that time recognised myself As mentioned above, the popularity of Masyanya began from the Internet, and then smoothly turned on the TV Inventing Masyanya, an artist Oleg Kuvayev even could not imagine that his "product" will gain so much popularity Voiced Masyanya is a popular Russian TV presenter, comedian, showman and resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya Scandals, curly around the movie, only added to his popularity At the moment Masyanya has no former popularity Quite possibly that is due to several factors: the lack of new and (or) the birth of a new generation, who considers such behavior unacceptable in cartoons Cartoon Masyanya out and to this day, only the characters have grown Now the main character married his old friend the Boar and gave birth In an episode of the boar shows the brand new smartphone that call and looks like a flagship smartphone from Apple and Like all successful cartoon characters, our heroine has regained its former popularity in games On the wave of its popularity the developers began to create computer games Masyanya Due to the fact that an animated series based on flash-technology, the projection of the movie into a game was painless and all the details were saved the very first game in this style – "Masyanya under the yellow press" the Storyline develops around the main character and her work as a correspondent Masyanya will spend the most real and dangerous investigation Masyanya Games hosted on our site totally free of charge and without registration, presents many interesting and dynamic games because of them, you can choose any storyline which you are interested and start to play History of creation of the cartoon "Masyanya"the Development and creation of the cartoon "Masyanya" started Oleg Kuvayev in the distant 2000, the year After 14 years, the cartoon has not only not lost its former popularity, but also raised a new generation of the Official birthday of the doll is 22 October 2001 During this time an animated series was several times stopped the publication of a new series but then resumed In 2006, Oleg Kuvayev, together with his "daughter" Masyanya out of the animated Studio "Altro" and in July 2007 began producing new episodes of the animated series without any studios Characters from the animated series "Masyanya" Masyanya – the main character of the eponymous animated series Masyanya optimist, but the abundance of sarcasm belies this fact hryundel – last guy the doll, but today is her husband and the father Loves to walk with women and very lazy Shaggy – best friend masjani and Hrundel, which accompanies their series of a series of Naive, I've never met, lives with a cat and knows about computers Uncle Bada is the son of masjani and Hrundel, which appeared in the fourth season since the series "big thanks" appears in every episode of Chuchuna – daughter dressed and Grandela was Born in a series of "Sublimation" in the game.

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