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Welcome to the world of the game Masha and the bear! You are waiting for an incredible adventure with these well-known characters – choose application run and help the heroes to cope with the tasks.

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She is a little daredevil, he is great and good All know the story, but few know that she became a virtual realnostyu Masha and the bear: how all of nachinalos 1996 animator Oleg Kuzovkov vacationing on the beach in Crimea Suddenly in his field of vision got a little mischievous and naughty girl And at that moment in his mind had an idea: why not freshen up the famous Russian folk tale "Masha and the bear"? And to make it with using modern software and other innovative developments! So there was the animated series of the same name, in which energetic and cheerful Masha brings bear fresh troubles and joys by the Way, the basis of the character of the heroine was exactly the kind of girl that Kuzovkov seen on the beach in the Crimea But the cartoons is over, and fans always want to continue So created games Masha and the bear – now every gamer can dive into the world of pranks and priklucheniya games Masha and the bear you will find in this section?We have selected most interesting and exciting applications to adults and children launch the right game and have fun free Framatome mainly such categories: Games Masha and the bear coloring pages – grab a mouse, virtual pencils, paint and brushes, because you are waiting for a job colorizing black and white pieces, which with your help will turn into vivid images! Please note, this online application is perfect for child of any age: they contribute to the development of good taste, you will be able to tell you about all colours and shades, and to explain how best to combine them between themselves Developing games Masha and the bear – perfect format if you want your child learned something new and at the same time having some fun with their favorite characters, for Example, pairs of cards will help develop kid's memory, because here you need to click on one image, memorize it, and to choose her a matching pair Or to solve some simple mathematical problems pre-number learning Game Masha and the bear helps the child get acquainted with the surrounding world and to practice the necessary skills Puzzles is a great puzzle for those who love bright pictures and is ready to practice searching for the right elements But most importantly – all the tasks devoted to the main heroes of the game Masha and the bear, so you will see a variety of scenes from the cartoons that will surely help you to gather an overall picture as quickly as possible Game Masha and the bear games – go on a journey with familiar characters You will meet other heroes apps, the ability to earn more bonus points, hints, and unusual tasks to get to the finals, you have to show ingenuity and care, because the evil enemies are only waiting to send you to the beginning So move forward with confidence and win! Game Masha and the bear created in different formats and genres, so you can choose the app to suit your mood

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