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Mario Bros. is back in business! Only this time are Mario games right in your browser - you are waiting for an incredible adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom, the battle with a familiar villain and a lot of tasks of varying complexity. In every online game Mario holds hidden meaning and purpose, United by one idea - to develop certain abilities, not only in children but also in adults.

Mario Games - Play Online For Free!

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Navigator Navigator
Traffic control Traffic control
In the face of death In the face of death
The mushroom Kingdom The mushroom Kingdom
Vertically Vertically
Great speed Great speed
Heaven Heaven
Test car Test car
Driving iron horse Driving iron horse
Super car Super car
To get to the surface To get to the surface
Snow trails Snow trails
Obstacles on a skateboard Obstacles on a skateboard
Extreme idea Extreme idea
Matrix Matrix
Their lives Their lives
Small Islands Small Islands
Replacement new generation Replacement new generation
Another test Another test
On four wheels On four wheels
For two For two
Super Mario Super Mario
Sonic and Mario Sonic and Mario
Walker Walker
For girls For girls
For boys For boys
Race 2 Race 2
Dandy Dandy
Walker for girls Walker for girls
Adventure Adventure
Mario 63 Mario 63
Cat Mario Cat Mario
Classic Mario Classic Mario
Mario and Luigi Mario and Luigi
RPG adventure RPG adventure
The old version The old version
Rescue mission Rescue mission
Mario 3D Mario 3D
Children Children
Super Mario Brothers Super Mario Brothers
Shooting Shooting
Fights Fights
For two quests For two quests
On a motorcycle On a motorcycle
Vs zombies Vs zombies
Race Race
Crossover 2 Crossover 2
Mario and Princess Mario and Princess
Bombers Bombers
Cars Cars
Under water Under water
Chinese Mario Chinese Mario
Star adventure Star adventure
Tower defense Tower defense
Night fright Night fright
Winter Jogging Winter Jogging
Ghost island Ghost island
Race on an ATV Race on an ATV
Super Mario racing 3 Super Mario racing 3
Mario back home 2 Mario back home 2
Mushroom machine Mushroom machine
Save Luigi Save Luigi
Jumping on a skateboard Jumping on a skateboard
Mario jeux Mario jeux
Super Mario - racing Super Mario - racing
Mario and sonic - great battle Mario and sonic - great battle
Ice adventure Ice adventure
Super Mario Super Mario
Mario on the beach Mario on the beach
Fire-breathing destroyer Fire-breathing destroyer
Mario Kombat Mario Kombat
Donkey Kong vs. Mario Donkey Kong vs. Mario

In 1981, in Japan, there were slot machines from an unusual game in which the protagonist is constantly jumping from one obstacle to another, even to the destruction of the enemy he had to make the leap! Therefore his name was originally Jumpman or jumper. Later he created a series of video games with this unusual and funny character. Next it was released single screen platformer in which our character name is Mario and he already has a brother Luigi. Play Mario Games What happened next, you know: the release of a film about the brothers Mario and global popularity, which has been simmering ever since. Here are the developers of online games decided: the story must not end. Therefore, created dozens of versions of the game Mario, in which you can play right now! Welcome to the Mario games Especially for you we gathered the best applications: classic games SuperMario - all the rules are simple and clear: to collect bonuses, watch out for the dastardly enemies, often jumping and constantly be on the lookout. At the end you will find the main villain - the owner of the level to which you have to fight. If you win, you will receive the title of a new hero, and will pass on. If it does not work, you go back to the start and will be able to try their hand at a new round; Action - what you can do in the world, where you have never been? Reconnoiter the situation and look at all the corners of this new universe! It is dedicated to this task Mario game created in the genre brodilok. Walk in the clouds, to circumvent the party monsters and collect clues and be sure to support bonuses; fight - the familiar game of Mario with a few changes. The main purpose - to reach the end by defeating all enemies. Little Mario got the skills of martial arts and sometimes shows such tricks that even the master of martial arts back down in front of his skills. Destroy all the villains who are trying to destroy our world - controls the movement of Mario, use the key combination, deftly Mouse clicking, and you sure will win the next battle; race - who said that the Mario games should be submitted only in the genre of Action and arcade? In fact, the main character copes with the management of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, which include even alien and space model. Launch the application and connect to the race - without you Mario can not cope! Mario games for two - many forget about Luigi, the brother of the main character. Therefore, we have collected Mario game where you can play together, controlling two characters at once famous film series and video games. You are waiting for a variety of tasks: to save the princess, to break through the crowds of monsters and enemies, be sure to fight the large and dangerous villain, and, of course, win! Mario games on our site - it's improved versions of familiar games from Nintendo, which continues the story of two brothers plumbers. And if you want to do something really interesting and exciting, look for these applications - the perfect mood for the whole day, you are guaranteed!

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