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Especially for fans of the animated movie on our site, we picked up Madagascar game – puzzles, quests, puzzles and many other genres that will be interesting not only for children but also for adults. A large variety of genres allows you to not be confined to one genre, and changing preferences.

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Protection Protection
Peanuts Peanuts
Seagulls Seagulls
Terrible factory Terrible factory
Circus Circus
Hunting at the numbers Hunting at the numbers
Marty Marty
Defeat the purpose Defeat the purpose
Puzzles Puzzles
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Adventure Adventure
Back to Africa Back to Africa
Julian Julian
Coloring pages Coloring pages
Puzzles Puzzles
Zoo Zoo
Adventures Adventures
New York New York
Four-legged company Four-legged company
Animals from Madagascar Animals from Madagascar
The company The company
Life Of Madagascar Life Of Madagascar
Farm frenzy 3 Madagascar Farm frenzy 3 Madagascar
Madagascar 2 - escape Africa Madagascar 2 - escape Africa
Madagascar 3 - spot the difference Madagascar 3 - spot the differen
The salvation of Africa - mad dash The salvation of Africa - mad da
Safari Safari
Treasure hunt Treasure hunt
Coloring Pages Madagascar Coloring Pages Madagascar
Shooting coconuts Shooting coconuts
Puzzle Madagascar Puzzle Madagascar
Electric car at the zoo Electric car at the zoo
Operation ice fish Operation ice fish
Hunting for penguins Hunting for penguins

The storyline of the cartoon Madagascariense excentrica Marty the Zebra, good at heart Alex the lion, Gloria the Hippo impulsive, forever ailing giraffe Melman and funny penguins living on the territory of the new York zoo even could not think about what would be beyond it, However, fate has other plans for him, Marty, met the penguins, the main purpose of which was to return to his homeland in Antarctica, I decided to also become free of His loyal friends followed him to return to the zoo, but in the end, all were caught at the Central new York station, All the animals are trafficked to Kenya on the ship-the Brave and desperate penguins decided to take the ship and changing course – towards Antarctica During the journey disaster struck and the animal fell overboard, Marty, Melman, Gloria, Alex and the penguins come to the shore of Madagascar Once in the wild, the friends begin to quarrel Home Alex wanted to go back home to the new York zoo, but Marty, in turn, enjoyed the freedom, the Friends decided to go home, but due to the long journey the ship ran out of fuel and Funny funny animals left on the island Madagascar 2 Brave friends decided to escape from the island of Madagascar, after making the plane crashed in the previous part On the way to new York fuel ends and the plane crashes in Africa Animals remain as long as the penguins of Madagascar will not fix the vehicle At the time of the crash giraffe Melman tells how he loves Gloria Story is gaining unexpected momentum when in Africa, Alex the lion meets his parents who recognized him by a birthmarkAs it turned out, Alex as a child loved to dance at one point poachers caught the left, but his cell is dropped and picked up the caretakers of the New York Zoo Then begins the most interesting and tense moment cartoon Alex along with his newfound father Zuboy meet old enemy - Macungie Makung tells Alex that he had not passed the initiation rite - a ritual of entry into adulthood His task - to start military struggle with the strongest opponent, Alex loses the fight and his father-leader, not to expel his son refuses the title of Leader of becoming Makung At this time, each of small animals is beginning to find its place Melman the giraffe got a doctor and became very popular Falling in love with gippopotamihu Gloria, Melman suffers from unrequited love Gloria falls in love with an eccentric and a charming hippo Moto Moto Martin also realizes that is no different from other zebras turning point for Marty became when his best friends, and spectators confused him with another zebra    The Watering disappearing water and loyal friends decided to save other animals from extinction water disappeared because of the dam, which was built by tourists, because the penguins stole their vehicles in order to fix the plane, Alex, along with Marty going to destroy the dam and it is manage Tooth again become a leader, and Melman the giraffe confessed his love Gloria Funny and funny little animals with the penguins of Madagascar decide to stay in Africa, even for a short while Madagascar 3Nahodyas long time in Africa, Marty, Alex and their friends miss for New York Remembering that penguins Now rest in Monte Carlo, they decided to cross the Mediterranean Sea Beasts accidentally fall on the head of casino visitors and escape in an armored jeep penguins So before reaching America, their plane crashes somewhere in France chases them Chantelle Dubois - head of the Service for the capture of animals In order to not get caught the police, the animals fall into the traveling circus Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman come to Rome hoping that they will notice an American promoter and went to New York, however, circus corpse made bad friends decide to intervene and to put their own rooms Promoter happy and organizes tour in America Animals get back to the zoo and realize that this is no longer their home where they found Chantel DuBois She handed one million US dollars, because it thought that it was she who brought Alex and his friends back to the zoo Head of Service for catching animals Alex decides to kill animals from a circus corpses learn that the guys are in trouble and come to their aid Beating Chantelle, they send it to Madagascar, while they themselves go on a world tour with the circus Games Madagascar are truly interesting, intelligent, drayovymi and quality they will be interesting not only for children but for adults Feel the supreme arbiter of true friends - Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman It offers a large number of quests, runners, racing, puzzles and other genres do not forget about the game, in which the main roles - the penguins from Madagascar! These guys sure know a lot fun! Have a good game!

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