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Game Kick Butovsky built on the main storyline of the animated series. In it the main character tries to make every day special and this helps him not only best friends and relatives, and skate "Blue" and bike "Saw".

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Every day Daredevil "Kick" buttowski is filled with adrenaline, and we offer to feel all these emotions with him On our site we have selected the best of the game Kick Butovsky, thanks to which you can become a real extreme Scene linecan mentioned above, the storyline of this animated film series tells of a small boy, whose name is Clarence buttowski, and nicknamed him "Kick" the Storyline develops at the passion this young man extrememob Clarence buttowski can't sit still, he definitely need to run somewhere, to do something and to reach new horizons In this he is assisted by his loyal friend – a chubby Gunther Main goal of his life Clarence "Kick" buttowski considers the fight against the routine He's trying to diversify every moment of his life According to the truth in love in the extreme "Kick" every day invents some new tricks and trying to bring them to life the Characters in the animated series Kick buttowski Clarens the "Kick" Buttowski is a boy of ten, the protagonist of the animated film series Kick buttowski As mentioned above, Clarens appreciate in my life, extreme sports and entertainment, the boy does not like to sit still every day and trying to do something new "Kick" a small growth Favorite outfit – blue overalls with bright stripes on the sleeves, also wearing a helmet, boots and gloves date of birth: 24 February 2007 Gunther is the best friend of Clarence it helps "Kiku" in all his endeavors, however, he strongly takes the initiative in the extreme The relationship between Gunther and Clarendon very strong, even in one of the episodes, "Kick" stood shoulder before the alligator to bite a sleeping Gunther Gunther Magnuson Clarence Butovsky older than 2 years according to build stronger and more Kyle Buttowski cousin of Clarence Butovsky Obscure the identity of Kyle is 3 years older than "Kika" and loves to eat brad Buttowski is the older brother of "Kika" Age – 16 years Each episode tries to hurt his younger brother, but wins are not always believe themselves to be stronger and smarter Clarens However, "Kick", in turn, each series proves the opposite brie Butovo – younger sister "Kika" Age – 9 years Constantly mocks his older brothers Likes to feel in beauty contests and does not tolerate when someone else mocks Clarendon Butovsky

the Game Kick Butovsky posted on our site will allow you to plunge into completely different dimension – the world of extreme sports and thrills, Along with his loyal friends and family you each new level will reach new heights in the game.

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