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All your life you wanted to go to Hawaii and break away, but it was not possible? Now the opportunity is there, and even with your favorite cartoon characters from the Studio "Disney" Lilo and Stitch. From this moment you will plunge into a completely different atmosphere – an atmosphere of warmth, kindness and exciting stories Lilo and Stitch. Once in the delightful climate, you will be accompanied by memorable stories and adventures with your favorite cartoon characters. First you will get acquainted with their main representatives – Lilo and Stitch. Acquainted with Stitch, the little girl thought before her is a small dog with ears like a bat.

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As it turns out, Stitch is actually an alien and artificially created being a scientist Blue creature so dangerous that it even declared in vsegalakticheskoy wanted and offered a cash reward to all those who can get Stitch back home Alien creation was pre-programmed in such a way that only he is willing to kill Lilo didn't know about these properties and, because of their love, she did it to change his character and get rid of fear of the Game Lilo and Stitch posted on our website absolutely free of charge and without registration, will allow you to choose exactly the game which will interest you most, choosing a game Action, you will engage in dynamic battles with your favorite cartoon characters and try to win the fight with other alien beings Apart of this genre, you can also choose puzzles, intellectual games, puzzles, and coloring pages the Storyline of the animated film Lilo and Stickarena line based on the main characters – Lilo and Stitch, who met purely by chance in the Hawaiian Islands the Evil scientist named jumba has created not sanktionierung alien creature under the license plate – 626 Incidentally, an interesting fact is that the intention of the Directors and the writers of the animated film "Lilo and Stitch" license plate originally was supposed to be 666, but due to certain events this number has been changed Stitch is number 626 escapes to the planet Earth, and other creatures reports him missing and begin to hunt for him Once in a dog shelter, Stitch has created a plan to get out of it, and, pretending to be a dog, rubbed into the confidence of Lilo the little girl suffered from childhood: her parents died, her older sister works and the relationship with her is not the best, Yes and with their peers Lilo also can not find a common language Seeing Stitch, the girl immediately saw him as her friend and taken to his home, Meanwhile, the hunters are not resigned to the idea that the experiment number 626 can pacify him and begin more serious hunting In turn, Lilo did the impossible and made friends with an alien creature Together they defeated Jamba and Plikli Heroes cartoon Lilo and Stitch Stitch is the main character of the animated series "Lilo and Stitch" is By nature designed to kill and destroy, but through the interaction with the girl Lilo is changed Lilo is a little girl living in Hawaii with her sister she is very eccentric and impulsive, This is because she had a difficult childhood: her parents died, with her sister, she can not find a common language, Yes and with peers too, relationships are not the best way studying dance and photography, loves animals Jumbo professional engineer and Creator of experiment 626 (Stitch) is Good, but deceitful and sly was sent to an alien system on planet Earth on a search for Stitch Agent Plikli – employee of Jamba with him, he was sent to earth in search of experiment 626 Loves a lot of a Coward to speak the Facts about the cartoon and the games Lilo and Technomarine the movie "Lilo and Stitch" is the 42nd full-length animated film from the Studio "Disney" At the time of this cartoon, were collected 127 million dollars worldwide On a wide screen criticism are not so properly, much to the delight met "Lilo and Stitch" Russian critic called this film the best animated feature film decades After it was continued, however, it has not only caused a wide resonance as the first part As mentioned above, initially an experiment in the face of the Stich was to wear the number 666, but was later changed to 626 In the cartoon cut scene when Stitch stole Boeing and accidentally killed my favorite fish Lilo After the events of 11 September in the United States of America this stage it was decided to cut most of the soundtrack is the songs of Elvis Presley of the Game Lilo and Stitch will let you along with your favorite characters to be the person you've always wanted: to destroy the alien creatures, to travel and to visit new landscapes of Hawaii with Lilo and Stitch games Nice!

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