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Games LazyTown is an interesting stories, fascinating puzzles and adventures that await you in a small provincial Irish town. Its inhabitants are very lazy: they don't exercise, do morning exercises and play outdoor games, preferring to sleep all day, watching TV and eating sweets. Local sloths show that there is a lot of interesting and exciting activities, and breathe new life into this provincial swamp!

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LazyTown game based on the popular children's series, which with success on four continents and translated to almost all languages of the world Together with the actors in the series play and puppet characters, forcing millions of children to penetrate to the TV and to empathize with the fates of main characters heroesonline games Intevation is the main character of the series and one of the main characters of the game LazyTown Is an active, cheerful and purposeful girl who is doing everything to help local residents to communicate more, playing team games and spend time in the fresh air the Sportacus – Stephanie's close friend, local superhero He's one of the few characters in the game, lazy town who is doing morning exercises, eats right and plays sports, Sportacus, Stephanie helps and encourages city residents to follow his example to give up sweets, do morning exercises, and learn how to play football and volejbalove – resident of LazyTown, little, harmful and nasty boy Is the laziest character in the games LazyTown, which configures all the forces against the local population Stephanie Robbie constantly comes up with some mischief that the children went home and in LazyTown the long-awaited peace

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