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It seems that the most famous script for children's cartoons is the story about the school. Schoolchildren and unusual, and with supernatural powers. Animated series and games Kim five-plus is in its way a classic.

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Kimberlin is a typical teenage girl, pretty and smart, in school to straight a's, and in my free time from school doing his favorite hobby is saving people from criminals together with his friends Kim, of course, worries not only about saving the world, but also for their teenage problems, and she's not short of the Game Kim 5 plus are distinguished by their contrasting mood, because they are connected to a conventional and standard life of a teenage girl with a great mission of saving mankind from villains So animated series and games Kim five with plus is non-standard projects about American schoolgirl Originality lies in the fact that in the cartoon ridicules the storyline of the classic fighters of the Game Kim 5 plus, posted on our website absolutely for free and without registration will let you plunge into the exciting world of dynamic battles on your main character with the world's villains, save the world and live the normal life of a teenager with Kim All this is available right now totally free of charge and the Storyline of the animated series "Kim five with plus" is an American animated series, which tells of an unusual teenager, her life problems and the fight against criminals Before the first season, fifteen-year-old girl Kimberlin was an ordinary schoolgirl, but in one moment everything changed allowance that she was allocated the parents, not enough, so she decided to get a babysitter and even created in the global Internet, your own website with an unusual slogan: "I can," Mr. McHenry accidentally messed up the site name and got to page girls Kimberly and asked her for help Fame spread all over the world and with it began to contact people from all corners of our planet, ranging from ordinary people and even to members of the Royal family All the action in the cartoon series takes place in the real world, but the American city of middletown is a fictional Interestingly, in the animated series "Kim 5 plus" not all cities are fictional, and exist and series, where the characters visit real places the story of the girl of Kimberlin from the animated series "Kim 5 plus"Kimberlin "abbreviated - Kim" five plus is the main character of the animated TV series of the same name At the time of the first season she was fifteen years old at the time of the last fourth of the season – seventeen A teenage girl has time for everything: to communicate with our beloved friends, build relationships, be an a-student and, not surprisingly, save the world from criminals, Kimberlin saves the world itself, and with his classmate and best friend Ron stoppable Every name of Kim's family and her friends is a kind of pun on "impossible", in the English version of the name of Kimberlin – "Kimberly Ann Possible", the name Ron stoppable (Ronald Adrian Stoppable) Game Kim five-plus – this is an interesting and dynamic game, combines ordinary life of ordinary of a teenage girl and her friends, as well as fighting against villains Her mission is to save people, and your duty is to help her with this challenge

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