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What could be more fun than to grow up and become a pirate ?! Hereby stern conqueror of the seas, seeker of hidden treasures and the lost treasures in the sea. Well, if you have even a pirate and a private team, then you on the shoulder any tests!

Jack and Pirates Of Neverland Games - Play Online For Free!

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Game Jake and the pirates of Atlandia created based on the animated series Disney's adventures of the young pirates: Jake, Izzy, Cubby and their parrot skully Is true and reliable friends who are traveling on the ship, looking for untold monetary wealth, and successfully confront the main enemy – captain Hook and his crew Load up the game Jake and the pirates of Atlandia in your browser and help your favorite heroes with honor to overcome all future challenges! Game Jake and the pirates of Netland is perfect for lovers of nautical theme, adventure games, arcade games and simple puzzles You have to solve puzzles, collect bonuses and items, collect treasures and enter into a confrontation with vragami will help you in this already beloved characters: Jake – the main character of the cartoon, the best friend of Peter pan, which gave him his wooden sword throughout the game Jake and the pirates of Atlandia he fights with the main enemy – captain Hook Izzy is the only girl on the team, which does not leave a bag of magic dust the Dust is consumed very sparingly and embarks on a course of only in most urgent cases; Cubby – the youngest member of the crew, which stores a map of Netland it depends on him where they would be ultimately command and how to get out of there; Scully – a cheerful and talkative green parrot, the symbol of the pirate brotherhood Helps Jake advice and keenly watching, so they do not fall in another trouble

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