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However, the unexpected happened. Higher forces kidnapped him and forced him to develop super-strong weapons. Tony stark pretends to be obeyed, and creates unique battle suit, equipped with dozens of dangerous elements. Thanks to his suit, stark runs home and decides to radically change his life.

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Iron man - justice Iron man - justice
Tower Tony Stark Tower Tony Stark
Deadly ring Deadly ring
Iron man 2 Iron man 2
Iron man in the world of cars Iron man in the world of cars
Urban flight Urban flight
Defender Tony Stark Defender Tony Stark
Iron man 3 - the sliding puzzle Iron man 3 - the sliding puzzle
Clearance Clearance
Iron man biker Iron man biker
Iron man puzzle Iron man puzzle
Stones Of Thanos Stones Of Thanos
Iron attack Iron attack
Dogfight Dogfight
Dangerous tunnel Dangerous tunnel
Iron man - lava Iron man - lava
Puzzle Puzzle
The Avengers The Avengers
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Hero Iron man Hero Iron man
Iron man vs all Iron man vs all
Iron man - save the earth Iron man - save the earth
Mandarin Mandarin
I am Iron man I am Iron man
The return of the Avengers The return of the Avengers
Iron man suit Iron man suit
Save the city 2 Save the city 2
LEGO iron man LEGO iron man
Dress up iron man Dress up iron man
The team of super heroes The team of super heroes
Iron man - find the hidden letters Iron man - find the hidden lette
The secrets of iron man The secrets of iron man
The battle in the city The battle in the city
Delivery cosmic energy Delivery cosmic energy

Iron man games featured on our website is absolutely free and without registration fit not only kids, but adults Qualitatively matched the game will make you plunge into a completely different world Try to fight the villains that threaten the world community together with their favorite characters On our site you can find any Iron man games for every taste, ranging from challenging quests and Aksenov with fights in star wars galaxies, to collect puzzles, solving problems, finding items, and differences between the History of creation of Iron chelovechik mentioned above, the first mention of the character Iron man has appeared in a 1963 comic book series "Disturbing stories" (Tales of Suspense), and created by screenwriter Larry Labor, writer Stan Lee and artists don heck and Jack Kirby In an interview with the creators told the backstory of Iron Man's: this fictional story was created during the height of the Cold War, the U.S. and the Soviet Union the People were in suspense and all that they hated war in order to defuse the situation, we decided to create, whom vyplesnut and aggression put it on a fictional entrepreneur who made a fortune, due to the fact that supplying weapons to the army Goal was to make this character knew everything and hated it all My goal the creators certainly have made – know Iron man in the world, but on the contrary hate or adore – this is a completely different question In the first issues of the comic book series "Alarm history" the position of a writer was characterized by anti-Communist For example, the main character Tony stark has fought criminals, who is originally from China or Vietnam then the focus of writers has changed and Iron man began to assist the Military Forces of the United States of America In 1968, the protagonist of "Disturbing story" became Captain America and Iron man were forgotten for some time Later he will remember and will not forget until today The first full-length feature film "Iron man" was released in 2008 two years later came the second part of "Iron man 2", two years later came the continuation of "the Avengers" and in 2013 released the last part of "Iron man 3" Capacity Iron Chelopechene stark in symbiosis with his high-tech Iron man suit has a number of abilities Armor of the Iron man suit Due to the alloys that involved Tony stark in the manufacture of your costume, the armor is able to withstand up to 70 tons, and special shoes allow him to fly full in addition, armor offers a number of features lasers, missiles, and identifying the recording device power (power) When Tony stark was seriously wounded, to save himself he put into his body with a special virus "Extremis", which connected his body with his suit Thus, between them to establish ciberpolitica relationship, Tony can heal themselves and have improved their response Unique abilities of Iron man Unique factors that increase the ability of Tony – strength, endurance, resistant armor Suit is able to treat his master, to regenerate organs Ciberpolitica link Tony with a suit due to the virus "Extremis" Iron man Games allow you to try out all of these unique abilities on yourself Feel like a real Savior of the planet in the role of Iron man in the game.

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