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Mammoth Manny, Sid the sloth, scrat the squirrel and other characters of the famous cartoon waiting for you on the territories of ice age games! Today you will help the heroes to solve important problems and to overcome serious obstacles, and they will provide you with good mood and bright impressions!

Ice Age Games - Play Online For Free!

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Adventures of a squirrel Adventures of a squirrel
Romantic date Romantic date
Trouble Trouble
Hidden numbers Hidden numbers
Outfit for proteins Outfit for proteins
Large acorn Large acorn
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Horrible times Horrible times
Everything in the collection Everything in the collection
Floating ice Floating ice
Funny squirrel Funny squirrel
Saber-toothed tiger Saber-toothed tiger
Search for items Search for items
Jigsaw Ice age Jigsaw Ice age
A fascinating journey A fascinating journey
Friendship Friendship
Colorear Diego Colorear Diego
Masking Masking
Diego and Protein Diego and Protein
The inhabitants of the Ice age The inhabitants of the Ice age
Skrat Skrat
Cave Cave
Mosaic Mosaic

In 2002, in theaters appeared the first part of the cartoon "Ice age" And since then, adults and children happy to spend the time watching all the series with the participation of favorite geroevskoe this good humor, breathtaking adventure, and the power of true friendship is embodied in the game ice age, which in different variations are presented in a special section of our website You are waiting for important tasks, meetings with vivid characters and great time!Ice age games: what to choose?Conventionally, all applications on this page can be divided into several kinds: the quest for nuts – perhaps the most popular game ice age Squirrel Skrat and keeps trying to get to the nut, so you have all possible ways to help in this urgent matter; dress up – even the cold season succeeds the hot summer But the characters of ice age are not always ready to such turn of events, so you need to help them in selecting suitable clothing; coloring – arm with brushes, pencils and palettes, because you have to make a black-and-white sketches in this picture, reviving favorite characters These ice age games are great for kids: they develop creative thinking and help kids to memorize the names of colors and provide the parents a few hours of free time until the son or daughter confidently paint a picture online But this is only the main categories – there are other ice age games where you have to jump, run, shoot, collect items, and just have fun So we invite you to make a choice app, forget about all the problems, spend time fun and interesting!

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