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You have the unique opportunity to befriend a huge creature, which is not so bad as everyone is talking about it. Together with his faithful companion-a dragon, you will be able to fly wherever you want, do what you want. Fly through the rings, to make turns and get points and bonuses.

How to Train Your Dragon Games - Play Online For Free!

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How to train your dragon How to train your dragon
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How to train your dragon 2 puzzle How to train your dragon 2 puzzl
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Cartoons "How to train your dragon"How to train your dragon is a multiseries feature film, presented by the Studio "DreamWorks" in 2010 By the storyline, all the events happen on the island of Berk In this territory live the Vikings, who consider it their duty to exterminate the dragon starring acts as the chief's son Hiccup and the mysterious dragon who saved Hiccup – Toothless It so happened that Hiccup did not possess from birth warlike gift, so father would not let him fight with dragons Once the heir to the throne did not listen to his father and decided to participate in the defense of the village from mythical creatures Attacking the mysterious dragon, he hit it and leave it in the woods the Boy did not have enough strength to kill a Night Fury, and he cut the thread and released it into the wild Back after a while into the forest, Hiccup realized that the dragon is still in his place because he has a damaged wing, and he can't move the Heir of the leader gradually became friends with a new friend and many new things learned about our enemies Gradually all this knowledge he began to put into practice and became the best student in the Academy Game How to train your dragon takes you into a fantastic world, where the military battles become weak, but brave men and brutally-aggressive dragons of Course, there are good dragons, such as our main character, Remember that before you enter into battle, be sure to pass a training camp where you will learn all the features of the game, learn how to control these creatures and become the real leader of his clan Together you can fly, to help people and dragons to find peace, to gain points and points and move from level to level will make Friends with a now-defunct real-life creatures – most importantly – the desire

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