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Games Hobo hobo posted on our website based on the storyline of the popular American blockbuster 2011 release of "Hobo with a shotgun". In a leading role-American-homeless, whose life went awry, named hobo. Our protagonist has been in a terrible city in which the rule of the strong gangs, holding at Bay the chaos and the entire population. The name of the city is a little peculiar and ironic – "City of hope".

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Out of desperation, the main character walks around town and sees a lawn mower, valued at 50 U.S. dollars without thinking twice, he decided that it would be nice to gather up money and buy it to earn money, mowing lawns of the population of the "City of hope" In this store hobo meets the sons of the leader of the group, which he follows to an underground club slot machines Between sons and one lady Abby happens to quarrel and start a fight hobo helps Abby, for which the members of the gang beat him Girl Abby takes the hobo to his home, where he helps to heal the wounds the next day, the hobo goes to one video operator, who pays money to the main character because he will be on camera to show everything that he says hobo earns money and returns to the store to buy a lawn mower, However, at the same time, the gang members rush in and begin to plunder and destroy, taking hostage a woman and her baby hobo picks up a shotgun and starts to shoot looters Instead of mowers, Hobo decided to buy a gun Now, he went hunting Games Hobo hobo convey the real atmosphere of the American gangster town-eighties Along with the main character you have a unique opportunity to speak out against police corruption schemes, which cover the bandits and help to keep the whole town in fear and the bandits who Rob, rape and kill civilians, Only you can help the unfortunate people who have lost all hope of fairness of the Game Hobo hobo will give you a weapon and send you to travel through the streets of the "City of Hope" to win justice, not by the letter of the law, and with weapons and hatred to those who does evil Unlike the hobo, which is the storyline of the film was lost, you have a unique chance to fix things, to set their own rules in the city and bring justice the police and honest citizens

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