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Each child invariably involves the mysterious world of science and technology. Super Modern robots, chemical bombs, laser plasma, time portals - all this is very real achievements of modern scientists. But especially interesting when science is usual students, such as the popular animated Disney "City of Heroes."

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The game City of heroes is the exciting adventures of six best friends: Hiro Hamada, Gogo Tomago, honey lemon, Fred, Wasabi and Baymax He is living in the fantasy city of San Fransokyo, go to College, study science and simultaneously save the planet from various troubles Download games City of heroes on our website, choose your favorite character and embark on dangerous missions and formidable opponents! The protagonist of the game City of heroes – a 14-year-old Hiro Hamada, the young Prodigy and inventor who builds robots and is involved in underground fighting After the death of his elder brother, Hiro finds in his laboratory robot Baymax, who becomes his best and most loyal drugome not forget the other characters in the game City of heroes, each of which has their own unique abilities: Gogo - sarcastic and sharp-tongued girl who during an emergency is able to develop super-speed by means of magnetic wheels; honey lemon is a talented chemist, which is able in a matter of minutes to build a bomb of incredible power; Wasabi – works with plasma and can use it to cut through any substance, great knives; Fred is a slacker and the slacker who at the right moment can turn into a horrible monster Redzilla; Baumax – robot medic that can cure any disease, possesses super-strength and can fly

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