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Welcome to the world of incredible power Hulk fantastic! Game with a thrilling story that combines one of the most popular character from the famous Marvel comics. Choose a genre and turn into the mighty Hulk of the man.

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Coloring Pages Hulk Coloring Pages Hulk
Hulk stunts Hulk stunts
The Wrath Of The Hulk The Wrath Of The Hulk
Planet Hulk - Gladiator Planet Hulk - Gladiator
Truck Hulk Truck Hulk
The Avengers bunker The Avengers bunker
Kisses Hulk Kisses Hulk
Protection heroes Protection heroes
Hulk fights with Thor Hulk fights with Thor
Hulk racer Hulk racer
The Hulk throws a tank The Hulk throws a tank
Puzzles Puzzles
Hulk Hulk
Push Hulk push Push Hulk push
Height Height
Trip Hulk Trip Hulk
The Hulk smashes car The Hulk smashes car
A Shot Of The Hulk A Shot Of The Hulk
Hulk transformation Hulk transformation
Punch down Punch down
Escape The Hulk Escape The Hulk

In 1962 in the comic book appeared an unusual character: a person who has received a huge dose of radiation and is transformed into a green mutant with superhuman strength And he has problems with rage and aggression All know him as the Green Incredible Hulk, and now this character lives in the best games in this section!We made a varied selection of different genres, so now the mighty Hulk has been involved in racing, shooters, arcades and, of course, furious fights!But who is the Hulk really? About him make films, draw comics and create toys - where to find the truth about this mysterious superhero? Hulk game – get acquainted with the main personagem version of Dr. Banner gets a large dose once exploded a Gamma Bomb that he invented And when the doctor is very angry or gets into a dangerous situation, experiencing involuntary transformation from an ordinary man he turns into a green giant, whose strength is proportional to his anger!Comic author shares a secret: the Hulk was born in his mind like a cocktail of stories of Frankenstein and the transformations of Dr. Cecilia in Mr. Haida interesting facts about Hulk No. 1 And you know what color skin the strong man? Not everyone noticed, but according to the history of the evolution of the Hulk has gone through several transformations in different times of the issue of the comic But in the end still the most common shade that has come today is the famous green No. 2 the Doctor is not a doctor when suffering In childhood Dr. Banner is often seen as the father beats up the mother in a burst of anger, so he formed a psychological complex he began to think that fear and anger turn into something uncontrollable, evil, bringing destruction So the Hulk appears not only in the moment when Banner is angry, but in situations that cause despair, anxiety and other disturbing emotions No. 3 Situation where the anger is good According to a story in the comics, when the Hulk gets angry, grows its resilience, endurance and toughness of skin№4 Alien smack in the earth civilization Hulk features a special resistance to the basic forms of attacks This is because it is not particularly sensitive to temperature levels, which are on the surface of the Sun, and to radiation and impact force of a nuclear explosion Yes, the shelling from large-caliber weapons are a bit limited in his movements, but can not killNo. 5 Hulk finally left the comic And it happened because it started to show in films, television shows, cartoons, Even famous movie "the Avengers", which appeared on screens in 2012, without it, heroji, of course, the Hulk is here – in the catalogue of online games, each with its own storyline and vivid gameplay!Immerse yourself in a fantasy world, who created the Hulk game!Want to shoot or go on an adventure? Perhaps now you need to practice logic and intelligence? We have all the interesting games that are United by one character – an invincible Hulk Choose your hero and defeat your enemies!

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