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Frozen is a popular animated film 2013 release from the Walt Disney Studio, inspired by the popular tale by Hans Christian Andersen's "the snow Queen". Interestingly, this animated film became the most grossing over a billion dollars for history of the Studio "Walt Disney Animation Studios". In addition, the cartoon "Cold heart" has received not only the recognition of adults and children from all corners of the globe, but also received the award in the categories "best animated film" and "best song" Oscar.

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Collect the alphabet Collect the alphabet
Elsa Elsa
Charming Princess Charming Princess
Makeup Makeup
Disease of the nose Disease of the nose
Elsa at the dentist Elsa at the dentist
Cure Princess Cure Princess
Wedding Wedding
Real makeover Real makeover
Hairstyles Hairstyles
Princess in the Barber shop Princess in the Barber shop
Royal manicure Royal manicure
Elsa and Anna Elsa and Anna
Engagement Engagement
Baby Elsa Baby Elsa
Spa salon Spa salon
Stylist Anna Stylist Anna
Massage Massage
Cold Cold
Throwing knives Throwing knives
Hairdresser for the Princess Hairdresser for the Princess
Jack and Elsa Jack and Elsa
Cold doctor Cold doctor
New makeup New makeup
The design of the new room The design of the new room
Date Date
Spring Spa treatments Spring Spa treatments
Pregnant Elsa Pregnant Elsa
Anna is a fashion designer Anna is a fashion designer
Cleaning the room Cleaning the room
Elsa prepares Elsa prepares
Elsa plays with Anna little Elsa plays with Anna little
Anna and Christoph are caring for newborn Princess Anna and Christoph are caring fo
Elsa ironed clothes Elsa ironed clothes
Elsa ballerina Elsa ballerina
Elsa designer tattoo Elsa designer tattoo
Orchard Anna Orchard Anna

Popular worldwide the tale of Hans Christian Andersen's "the snow Queen" became the motivation for the creation of an animated film from the Walt Disney "Cold heart" Projection of world famous tale in a bright and colorful three-dimensional image caused a real revolution in the field of cartoon, Adults and children saw their favorite characters from a completely different perspective, and this is not good Animated film by Walt Disney "Cold heart" reveals all its audience is clearly an elaborate plot, qualitatively traced graphics, and showed their achievements in the field of the animated Cartoon "Cold heart" was not just worthwhile, but so far the best of its kind that he is able to bewitch the heart, from experiences not only young viewers, but adults as Altering the plot of the popular tale by Hans Christian Andersen, could not work, but the writers took a chance and copied the storyline almost beyond recognition, and this cartoon was even better Children, watching the development of events in the animated film "Cold heart", always want to travel into a fantastic world, where magic reigns, love and the eternal struggle for justice Game Cold heart is available on our website absolutely for free and without registration will help you Together with your favorite heroes you will be able to pass this thorny path, to develop new magical abilities to fight for justice and love in "cold" the world of Hans Christian Andersen's Game a Cold heart will bring you straight to the epicenter of the vibrant and colorful world created by Walt Disney do Not hesitate! All of the game Cold heart is available right now Take in hand a mouse and go to the adventure! The storyline of the animated film "Cold heart"As mentioned above, the storyline of the cartoon "Cold heart" is based on the world famous tale by Hans Christian Andersen's "the snow Queen", however, the writers prefer not to leave all the details So we have a completely different story, but still it captures you and forces her to admire All the things the writers in the fictional Kingdom of arendelle, inspired, and in the role of the main characters are charming and eccentric two girls-sisters – Elsa and Anna Thing is, that from birth, Elsa has a supernatural gift – the magical ability to create and manipulate ice and snow In childhood, Elsa and Anna loved to play, and Elsa has shown to his beloved sister your awesome magical abilities One day the unexpected happened, and during one of the games Elsa accidentally slipped and a big block of ice accidentally hit Anna on the head then she began to turn into ice to prevent this, parents of Anna and Elsa turned for help to the trolls Saving the life of Anna, the trolls warn Elsa, that its supernatural powers can lead to serious consequences and it is best to start to avoid people girls Parents decided to lock himself in the castle and almost never it not come out When the trolls heal Anna from this ailments, they are also simultaneously erased her memory of all the abilities of her sister, the Girl lives aloof from the outside world, and to establish contact with her sister could not due to understandable reasons it took a lot of time when parents of Anna and Elsa had to leave the Kingdom, but by coincidence they die during the storm Girls, completely alone, and here in this moment begins the active development of events, the Kingdom is preparing for the coronation of the elder sister Elsa, and Anna, in turn, meets the love of his life – Hans some time later, Hans makes a proposal to Anna, but her older sister Elsa does not give blessings During the next reception the girl got so angry that when all the guests showed his magic Frightened, the girl ran from the Palace to the mountains, where creates a huge ice castle then things begin to grow even faster: Hans betrays Anna and reveals his true intentions – he wanted to marry Anne to become king – and then he locks the girl and tells everyone that Anna died at the hands of Elizaveta with his loyal friends sisters Anna and Elsa manage to overcome all difficulties and banish from his Kingdom Hans The characters of the cartoon "Cold heart" Elsa is the main character of the cartoon "Cold heart", the older sister of Anna, the Girl received a supernatural gift to control ice and snow Anna – the main character of the cartoon "Cold heart", the younger sister of Elsa, the Girl is very energetic and eccentric Due to its inherent activity, together with his sister Hans overthrows the throne and deport him to his homeland Kristoff is Anna's beloved Home high in the mountains and produces ice, who then sells to the Kingdom Helped Anna and Elsa to cope with all life's difficulties Hans – negative character of the animated film "Cold heart" because of their innate beauty, Hans Anna conquered and fallen out with their sister Wanted to get the status of king, but the power of girls was stronger and it did not work Olaf the snowman, created by magic Elsa Helped Anna and Elsa in all the Affaires of the Game Cold heart – it is a real adventure, in which you together with his loyal friends will save not only his Kingdom, but also be able to find understanding with my sister, to arrange his personal life and to find the right rosepetal game!

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