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Fixies is one of the most popular Russian series of animated films. For the first time on wide screens Fixies came back in 2010, but till today popular among children and adults. Fixies are very small people living in different technical devices. If there is any damage, they are happy to help the owner of the device. The main characters of the cartoon know what the problem is and tell his young viewers. Thanks Pixicam kids learn the devices, be they flash drives or disks. In addition to the standard technical information adapted to children's age, Fixies tell about how correctly to behave with the devices, so nothing to break and not to harm yourself.

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This animated film is based qualitatively on the basis of humor, adapted for children, and children with cognitive purpose, As you know, every child is interested in absolutely everything, and the technique is all the mystery of nature is always interesting how the computer works, the remote control or the fridge In every episode of this cartoon, the writers describe the work of each device individually that well-developed child and expands its horizons As it was already mentioned above, an animated series adapted for children 6-8 years and in order to attract their attention the writers are not served dry facts and enter them in the plot So interesting, with clear language, children absorb information and fill up the Luggage of their knowledge On our website we have presented the most interesting games Kids for your children by using them, you will be able not only to consolidate the knowledge gained from your television screen, but also fun to spend time, collecting various items, or to help the main characters Fixies to fix various devices of the Game Fixies at the moment are the most interesting and useful for children younger vozrastaniya line Fixies animated series is the Storyline is based on a family of little people, residing within different devices Their main task – in case of breakage of a device owner to help repair it In comic form they tell the children about instruments and about how to handle them All in the animated film series presents 9 characters Fixiki: Mom and dad – Papus, Masya and Their children Simca and Crosses, Grandfather Dedus Classmates Simcoe - fire, Y, Spool and Werth in Addition to Graphics, in the cartoon there are also people in the house and live above the characters – the little eight-year-old boy Dimdimich, his parents and the dog of pliers platform Game Fixies allow your children enjoying the bright, colorful and interesting players, learn new information and later apply it in practice, So games submitted on our site will allow your children to expand their horizons and knowledge about the technology that surrounds them in the game.

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