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Each of us has had a grandmother or - sweet and heart old woman with a gentle nature, knitted socks, and all-consuming love for their grandchildren. But we could not imagine that there are other characters: violent, active and a little crazy old women who escape from the nursing home, they hit the shop windows and beating passers desperately rolled-up newspaper.

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Of the game angry grandmother is a fun and exciting adventure in the genre of "runner" (runner), the main character which is cheerful and dynamic woman She has to overcome many obstacles, to do a bunch of shenanigans and to get as many bonus points As it is? Easily - destroyed about half of the city Of the game angry grandmother is a unique computer game that consistently stand out from the masses You have to control vicious and unpredictable old lady, who constantly escapes from a madhouse and a lot of trouble to others On her way will come across various obstacles: gutters, hung linen, strict policemen and parked cars But our grandma is not timid and is in excellent physical condition: runs fast, jumps high and accurately throwing stones in public zavedeniyah evil grandmother will bring you many pleasant and positive minutes during which you will sincerely have fun and worry about her character Help her to defeat the nearby town, to collect a lot of bonuses and earn maximum number of points and irrepressible grandma until the end of his life will be proud of you!

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