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Girls or girls from Equestria is a popular animated film, which premiered in June 2013 by Studio Hasbro Studios and DHX Media. In 2014 the world saw the continuation of this cartoon is in the form of a sequel – "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks". It's interesting that this cartoon is based on the storyline of the animated series, previously released by the same studios – "Friendship is magic". The role of the main characters are the cutest ponies, and as these people go to school and learn to communicate with each other, and solve their custom a little "teenage" problems.

Equestria Girls Games - Play Online For Free!

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Horse riding Horse riding
Riding Riding
A party A party
Raceday Raceday
The Chestnut Racing The Chestnut Racing
Help to find the crown Help to find the crown
Birthday Birthday
Rainbow creation Rainbow creation
Confectionery Confectionery
Girl pony Girl pony
Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash
Trixie Outfit Trixie Outfit
Chibi gathered for a disco Chibi gathered for a disco
Put Apple Jack Put Apple Jack
Concert in the town Concert in the town
Rural life Rural life
Adorable Rainbow Adorable Rainbow
Makeup for Fluttershy Makeup for Fluttershy
Flying pony Flying pony
Girl Equestria Rainbow Girl Equestria Rainbow
Fashionista Pinkie Pie Fashionista Pinkie Pie
Fun party Fun party
Girls from Equestria 2 Girls from Equestria 2
Flawless fashion Flawless fashion
Pregnant Twilight Pregnant Twilight
Slumber party Slumber party
Twilight sparkle Twilight sparkle
Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie
Equestria Girls Equestria Girls
Dress Dress
Popular lollipops Popular lollipops
Dress Up Pinkie Pie Dress Up Pinkie Pie
Three in a row Three in a row
Manicure Pinkie Pie Manicure Pinkie Pie
In the style of boom In the style of boom
Dash-style boom Dash-style boom

Despite the fact that the target audience of this cartoon is aimed at kids four to seven years, he has received recognition all around the world, becoming so popular that cinemas and TV channels wanted to show his Delightful and memorable is a story about a pony that has moved to a fantastic world, which became humanoid attracts kids from all over the world that is why, specially for you we have selected personally the best game Girls of Equestria on our website absolutely for free and without registration Together with their favorite characters move you to the fabulous world World, in which goodness reigns and justice – what else you need kiddies in the preschool years? Do not hesitate! Easily run your favorites now – just choose the genre Most common of them are puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and, of course – for creating your style girls should Not hide the fact that each of the girls has a unique style, the kids also very interested in creating something new and different to pick up hats and accessories under costumes Game Girls of Equestria to let you experiment with clothes and accessories – pick each girl for her unique style and create a completely different image of the Storyline of the cartoon "Girls of Equestria"Storyline of the cartoon "Girls of Equestria" tells the story of several girls that were previously normal pony, but by going into another world, they have changed Now not just ordinary ponies, and anthropomorphic beings, who care for their appearance and clothing, habits and relationships with other creatures that surround them On the fate of these girls fall hard tests, they are proud to pass All seven girls - twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie pie, rainbow dash, Rarity and Spiculate in an unforgettable adventure with games Equestria Girls, placed on our site totally free Along with your favorite characters travel fabulous planet, sort it out with foes and with friends have fun games Girl Equestria have fun!

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