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Among all currently created games online game about the traveler to a greater extent recommended to the attention of the child. Can an online application to be useful? If you start the game Dora, then the answer is yes! Your child develops logical thinking, exploring color, remembers the numbers and makes a lot of useful things - all this with the characters of the game Dora.

Dora the Explorer Games - Play Online For Free!

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What awaits You in the game with Diego. Diego is the younger brother of American animated series – Dora the Explorer Diego and Dora, seeing the world, tell the kids about the animal world, about different countries, where they are traveling At the moment, this cartoon is not only entertaining, but also informative, educational horizons of children In the cartoon is a story about a little eight-year-old boy who, while travelling, discovers always something new talks about the world of animals and always with his friends comes to help them "Go Diego" exists in two voice – English and Russian Please note that the English voice acting is not complicated, so this cartoon can serve as a good base for learning a foreign language Full name of the animated series is "go, Diego, go", or as it is called - "Go Diego, go" for the First time the cartoon appeared on TV screens in 2006 in the United States of America, in 2008, began its sequel the Writers and filmmakers set themselves the following tasks: To adapt for the kids and tell scientific evidence about animals that live on planet Earth To adapt for the kids and tell about the needs of living organisms In each episode Diego talks about specific animals, their eating habits and lifestyle the Main advantage of this cartoon series in that genre, which made a cartoon adventure, very interesting for little kids that's why all 4 seasons, kids get in-depth knowledge about the animal world, the Author of this cartoon – George Chaltas Story linecan mentioned above, in the cartoon "Go, Diego" in just 4 seasons Begins animated film by the fact that from early childhood, parents, zoologists instilled a love of animals to his son Diego Interesting fact that the main heroine of the popular cartoon "Dora the Explorer" Dora is my cousin Diego In one episode it is mentioned that Dora's father's brother father Diego First season Tells interesting facts about Diego, his friends, parents and relatives of the Main character begins to make discoveries in the world of wild nature, to study the habits of animals, their way of life First season will help the child begin to think logically, the cartoon teaches them to distinguish between animal season Is the most interesting, fun and exciting season This is because kids, looking "Forward, Diego" could directly participate in the exciting world of cartoon, Diego, kids often asked the question, got them down to logical thinking In this season Diego in each series presented the new places and new animals Thus appeared Anaconda Anna, chinchilla, turtle and other Diego starts to keep a photographic diary, photographing animals and cool photos in the diary of the Third season of the Action cartoon in the jungle the Main character Diego and his sister meet a variety of animals, insects, birds and help them This season is probably one of the most instructive, after all, it's the writers and filmmakers show love for environment, love of nature and animals Diego is growing and increasing its young viewers the Third season will be interesting not only for children of primary school age, but for children of primary classes, the Main difference of this season from others is the presence of homework that is set at the end of each series of the Fourth season the Fourth season is the final season of the animated series "Go, Diego" In this season of more common writers and Directors began to practice live communication: Diego asked questions asked young viewers to draw conclusions by the Way, good difference is communication in two languages – Russian and English This, in turn, helps children to develop comprehensively and to learn foreign languages Games Diego presented on our website in large numbers, These games are not only entertaining but also informative Child will be able in practice to consolidate all the knowledge, you received in the cartoon We invite you to join the exciting and interesting stories about the Savior of wild animals Diego and his friends enjoy the game! She is known as the traveler, Pathfinder, smart girl, but in Russia it is known simply as Dasha. She is one of the most endearing characters that appear on the screen. But the game Dasha represent the best combination of entertainment for the benefit of children. Games dasa: the essence of adventure? The main character is a curious girl who constantly solve any problem and puzzle. Its satellites are cute little squirrel Tiko, in the circle of acquaintances monkey Slipper, Isa the iguana and a few animals that are almost never leave the Dasha. Sometimes there's cousin Diego, but that is another story altogether, and other online applications. Game Dora The story begins with the fact that Dora sent to the campaign. Prepositions are selected very different, the main thing - is to get out of the house. The girl has a special card containing several control points, the last of which is the ultimate purpose of travel. But if we talk about the game Dora, sometimes they become the starting point for another adventure. Please note that some games Dora include participation fox named Rogue - he is constantly trying to pull off an object and throw it as far as possible. And he do it often enough, so the game Dora is based on the search for the missing items. In any case, it will be fun! Why is the game Dora found to be useful? Unlike many online applications, they contain a learning aspect: children learn numbers - some games Dora offer to find a few numbers, to learn basic math skills like addition and subtraction, that is your child not only plays, but also gradually developing; there are games on the Dora rectification - these applications are developing a sense of taste and help learn the basic colors; also created the game Dora puzzle format - you need to collect from different parts of one picture. They train memory, concentration and attention, so these games Dora are really useful for children; These applications are taught how to behave - always come to the aid of friends, in time to carry out tasks and to keep the good side in every situation; Dora some friends speak English, and some online applications based on this storyline. Therefore, choosing the game Dora, children can even learn a few words in English! Game Dora teach children kindness and respectful treatment of animals. Your child is guaranteed to like the game Dora!

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