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The Angry Birds in the app store AppleStore had only one competitor - Doodle Jump, arcade of fun constantly Bouncing alien creature. Soaring popularity has led to the emergence of several versions of the game Doodle jump, which are collected in this section.

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History: like all nacionalistas Alice Gravel came up with a funny character, and immediately drew it This game literally fell in love with himself all who saw him, and during the first 4 months after birth game sales was at the level of 25 000 copies in denio data of sales Department today for iTunes and Google Play sold about 100 million copies of the game Doodle jump, and the total number of downloads has long crossed the figure of 150 million Can, and it's time for you to join the list of fans of this unique character?Game Doodle jump: start the mission Everything is simple – you need to control a four-legged alien that jumps on constantly disappearing and swinging platforms Remember, they are all just waiting for you to relax, to send to the start So some disappear immediately after you stomp on them, others fall apart, and some are swinging so hard that you can fall into the abyss of Course, the game Doodle jump include the bonuses and extras, for example when you catch a jetpack you can climb up some platforms Also have a shield of invulnerability, hat-propeller and other pleasant gifts, with which overcoming obstacles becomes simpler occupation Who still lived in the game Doodle jump?Simple jump on the platforms is too boring, but the alien guests and representatives of the underworld, which constantly interfere with play strip barriers, more interesting So in addition to running jumps, you have to shoot, run away, land on the adjacent platform so as not to fall or not to fall into the hands vragovic you know, the main goal of the game Doodle jump is to climb as high as possible, winning the level depends on your ranking Competitions come to an end only at the moment when you fall off the platform Or you kill the enemy Or pick up an alien in a flying saucer In General, the dangers are many, and your character alone, so keep a close eye on events that unfold on the screen of your monitor

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