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Very good, bright, colorful and unusual app – a game about dolphins, which are assembled in one section specially for you. They are presented in different genres with different missions, but in each of them you manage your own Dolphin who is willing to do stunts. And all this just for you!

Dolphins Games - Play Online For Free!

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Star splash Star splash
The Dolphin restaurant The Dolphin restaurant
Dolphin Dolphin
Popular Dolphin Popular Dolphin
Dolphin show 2 Dolphin show 2
The scenery of the Dolphinarium The scenery of the Dolphinarium
Search lagoon Search lagoon
Care for dolphins Care for dolphins
Dolphin and mermaid Dolphin and mermaid
The Dolphin show The Dolphin show
Dolphins Dolphins
The family of dolphins The family of dolphins
Bursts Bursts
My Dolphin show 3 My Dolphin show 3
Across the Pacific Across the Pacific
Escape from killer whales Escape from killer whales
Throw Dolphin Throw Dolphin
New island Dolphin New island Dolphin
Coloring Dolphin Coloring Dolphin
Dolphin and balls 3 Dolphin and balls 3
with the dolphins with the dolphins
Nimble Dolphin Nimble Dolphin
Cat and Dolphin Cat and Dolphin
The combat Dolphin The combat Dolphin
Dolphin supports Dolphin supports
Puzzles Puzzles
Dolphin Olympics 2 Dolphin Olympics 2
My Dolphin show My Dolphin show
Dress up Dress up
Coloring pages Coloring pages
The Dolphin dive The Dolphin dive
Kiss of a Dolphin - sea world Kiss of a Dolphin - sea world
Photographer at the Dolphinarium Photographer at the Dolphinarium
Swim with the dolphins Swim with the dolphins
Amazing Dolphin show Amazing Dolphin show
Dolphins and balls 2 Dolphins and balls 2

Once get tired of all the bloody shooters, aggressive fights and speed races And want to just relax, watch something beautiful and get a charge positively all this is you, then pay attention to the game about dolphins is a unique competition, which are colourful and very good sampleemail get various tasks: to ensure proper care so that the dolphins felt healthy; reach your goals; to perform a specific mission, for example, to destroy the balloons of different colors; to help a fabulous character; to create incredible shows about which I'll write in the most popular and familiar Newspapers and magazines; but before that, of course, need to be well trained And there is a separate game about dolphins that will help to prepare for more advanced competition; some applications require special attention and concentration – they train visual memory and logical; or to compete in the race with other dolphins In any case, this will be an exciting and very interesting journey in the water world, where great game about dolphins!To begin the competition, it helps to have a computer and Internet Choose a game and dive in the most colorful, exciting adventure! Important feature which are games will delphinoidea that this pastime will not be anything useful, besides fun? Don't agree with you Michael Donald Patterson and Adam Chi-Mingay scientists from the Singapore University of technology that in the experiment with 5 volunteers, not suffering from gaming addiction, defined – games help to increase the level of concentration of thought, improve strategic and tactical thinking skills, and also enhance the speed of adoption resedifolia game about dolphins can greatly improve your life where you have to solve the puzzle, you will receive a new level of concentration, and in applications that require precise hitting the target - skill tracking objectada game is a positive exercise for your brain, with positive results you will get quickly!10 interesting facts that almost nobody knows In Ancient Greece killing a Dolphin was considered equivalent to blasphemy and punishable by death the fact that the Greeks called these animals "the sacred fish, so even the Oracle of Apollo (the sun God) have the shape of a Dolphin In the opinion of the inhabitants of Rome, the dolphins are guides of souls to the "Islands of the Blessed", so in the hands of many mummies are still their image is Deemed that they can safely pass into the afterlife Dolphins are social animals that usually never live alone This thesis confirms the fact that female dolphins often assist with difficult births other females and other dolphins that are nearby, swim around to protect Dolphins only capture food with their teeth – they have no jaw muscles responsible for chewing, it helps to pour into the lungs of a Dolphin with 1 tablespoon of water and he will drown and thus died a man, he needs to breathe 2 tablespoons liquid Despite the lack of smell, that just do not need in the water, dolphins can distinguish sweet from salty taste, sour from bitter and so Dolphin can kill a shark by ramming it with his "beak" Some dolphins help fishermen, hinting that the network is already stacked with fish and it's time to get them out unfortunately, hydraulicity dolphins do not define a thin fishing net, so every year thousands are killed these wonderful animals Games about dolphins is a wonderful world that invites and looking forward to you!

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