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We invite you into the fascinating world of cartoon characters Diego and his sister Alicia. Once acquainted with them, you won't be able to forget them. Sensual Diego and Alicia together with his loyal friends – Click the Camera and Rescue Backpack travel the world, save the animals, spare them and send them out to the animal rescue Centre. Brothers and Alicia always come to the aid of animals in distress. And you don't stay away! On our website online and totally free browse games Diego and choose yourself something to taste.

Diego GO Games - Play Online For Free!

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Magical world Magical world
Polar circle Polar circle
World of dinosaurs World of dinosaurs
African jungle African jungle
Reserve Reserve
Australian animals Australian animals
Antarctica Antarctica
Meet new people Meet new people
Marine treasures Marine treasures
Slipper Slipper
African reserve African reserve
The salvation of the dinosaurs The salvation of the dinosaurs
Paired animals Paired animals
Sea turtle Sea turtle
The riddle of the old Church The riddle of the old Church
Costumes Costumes
Diego - race in the desert Diego - race in the desert
Salvation children's zoo Salvation children's zoo
Dora and Diego's adventures on the island Dora and Diego's adventures on t
Adventures in the rain forest Adventures in the rain forest
Diego tractor Diego tractor
Diego school bus Diego school bus
Dora and Diego on the gala show Dora and Diego on the gala show
The maze The maze
Diego at the grocery store Diego at the grocery store
Dora and Diego - Christmas gift Dora and Diego - Christmas gift
The adventures of Diego at the waterfall The adventures of Diego at the w
Adventures in the forest Adventures in the forest
Crystal treasures Crystal treasures
Dora and Diego volleyball Dora and Diego volleyball
Hidden stars Hidden stars
Dora and Diego fishermen Dora and Diego fishermen
Metropolitan railway Metropolitan railway
Air war Air war
Puzzle Diego Puzzle Diego
Sorting tiles Sorting tiles
Dress Up Diego Dress Up Diego
Diego and Alicia Diego and Alicia
Diego scooter racing Diego scooter racing
Salvation of cancers hermits Salvation of cancers hermits
Field journal Field journal
Growing dinosaurs Growing dinosaurs
Collecting eggs Collecting eggs
The roads The roads

What awaits You in the game with Diegonull Diego is the younger brother of American animated series – Dora the Explorer Diego and Dora, seeing the world, tell the kids about the animal world, about different countries, where they are traveling At the moment, this cartoon is not only entertaining, but also informative, educational horizons of children In the cartoon is a story about a little eight-year-old boy who, while travelling, discovers always something new talks about the world of animals and always with his friends comes to help them "Go Diego" exists in two voice – English and Russian Please note that the English voice acting is not complicated, so this cartoon can serve as a good base for learning a foreign language Full name of the animated series is "go, Diego, go", or as it is called - "Go Diego, go" for the First time the cartoon appeared on TV screens in 2006 in the United States of America, in 2008, began its sequel the Writers and filmmakers set themselves the following tasks: To adapt for the kids and tell scientific evidence about animals that live on planet Earth To adapt for the kids and tell about the needs of living organisms In each episode Diego talks about specific animals, their eating habits and lifestyle the Main advantage of this cartoon series in that genre, which made a cartoon adventure, very interesting for little kids that's why all 4 seasons, kids get in-depth knowledge about the animal world, the Author of this cartoon – George Chaltas Story linecan mentioned above, in the cartoon "Go, Diego" in just 4 seasons Begins animated film by the fact that from early childhood, parents, zoologists instilled a love of animals to his son Diego Interesting fact that the main heroine of the popular cartoon "Dora the Explorer" Dora is my cousin Diego In one episode it is mentioned that Dasha's father's brother father Diego First season Tells interesting facts about Diego, his friends, parents and relatives of the Main character begins to make discoveries in the world of wild nature, to study the habits of animals, their way of life First season will help the child begin to think logically, the cartoon teaches them to distinguish between zivotniho season Is the most interesting, fun and exciting season This is because kids, looking "Forward, Diego" could directly participate in the exciting world of cartoon, Diego, kids often asked the question, got them down to logical thinking In this season Diego in each series presented the new places and new animals Thus appeared Anaconda Anna, chinchilla, turtle and other Diego starts to keep a photographic diary, photographing animals and kleiva photos in the diary of the Third season of the Action cartoon in the jungle the Main character Diego and his sister meet a variety of animals, insects, birds and help them This season is probably one of the most instructive, after all, it's the writers and filmmakers show love for environment, love of nature and animals Diego is growing and increasing its young viewers the Third season will be interesting not only for children of primary school age, but for children of primary classes, the Main difference of this season from others is the presence of homework that is set at the end of each series of the Fourth season the Fourth season is the final season of the animated series "Go, Diego" In this season of more common writers and Directors began to practice live communication: Diego asked questions asked young viewers to draw conclusions by the Way, good difference is communication in two languages – Russian and English This, in turn, helps children to develop comprehensively and to learn foreign languages Games Diego presented on our website in large numbers, These games are not only entertaining but also informative Child will be able in practice to consolidate all the knowledge, you received in the cartoon We invite you to join the exciting and interesting stories about the Savior of wild animals Diego and his friends enjoy the game!

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