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Ask your kid, friend, brother or sister, where can you find the brightest and funniest cartoons? In one voice they surely will answer: "On the TV channel cartoon network". The first television channel geared exclusively towards children, producing the most quality product. This channel has almost everything that will appeal to young adults and children – kids animated movies, series and, of course, the TV show.

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Jumping in the clouds Jumping in the clouds
The battle in the snow The battle in the snow
Crystals Crystals
Wild jungle Wild jungle
Creepy monsters Creepy monsters
Cave Cave
Ridiculous situation Ridiculous situation
Gifts Gifts
Jet motorcycle Jet motorcycle
Minotaurs Minotaurs
In search of a hat In search of a hat
Fiery cat Fiery cat
Music Music
Justice League Justice League
Ninjago Ninjago
LEGO ninja LEGO ninja
Space battles Space battles
Devil's island Devil's island
Clean sea Clean sea
Skunk Pepe Skunk Pepe
In the blind In the blind
Defender generator Rex Defender generator Rex
Enemy Union Enemy Union
Escape Escape
Dexter's Laboratory Dexter's Laboratory
Clone a Doodle Doo Clone a Doodle Doo
Trouble on the front page Trouble on the front page
Joining Jake Joining Jake
Jumping Jelly Jumping Jelly
Lighten Up Lighten Up
The battle with red eyes The battle with red eyes
Snow brawl Snow brawl
Johnny test Johnny test
Beaned Beaned
Jumping on a skateboard Jumping on a skateboard
Sky streaker Sky streaker

All the movies and series produced by Cartoon Network Studio became real hits not only in America but around the world You will be surprised to know that the popular worldwide animated series about a team of guys and a dog, investigating crimes and various puzzles Scooby-Doo was created by TV channel Cartoon Network just imagine, cartoons, cartoons, baby funny TV shows – and all this seven days a week, 24 hours a day-Hour fun, this carousel never ends Yes, Cartoon Network is a real children's Paradise where any child can find a place, However, to look at what is happening on the other side of the screen is one thing, but to move into this animated world is a whole different ballgame Games cartoon network takes you into the world where you will be surrounded by your favorite fairytale characters Once in this world, you will meet on your way all animated characters of the TV channel Cartoon Network – Chick, Ninjago, Enamored of the skunk, Generator Rex, Finn and Jake from the animated series "adventure Time" and, of course, crowd – pleasers- team Scooby-Doo! Game cartoon network different from the alternative that each game created by the developers with the love of his young fans Beautiful graphics, good music, the similarities with the storyline of what animated films and TV series – here's what you need to love games cartoon network the History of the founding of the children's TV Cartoon NetworkДетский channel cartoons Cartoon Network was created in 1992 Despite the fact that the original TV guide was not only focused on children's audience, the channel was re-profiled For adults were allocated to night time, which aired "adult" movies, accordingly, In 2007, there have been major personnel changes on the channel Its General Director was Stuart Snyder, who began to introduce a large number of changes: change logos, splash screens, output schedule of cartoons and animated series, the dilution of a commercial break little half-minute animated films do All this aroused great interest from the audience Cartoon Network – young viewers three years Later – in 2010, changes were again related to the channel Everything we see today is the result of the work of the General Director of TV channel the Cartoon Network and his team In this year our children's channel, has signed important contracts with many world-famous studios producing cartoons and broadcast on cartoon network From 2010 the logo of the TV channel was changed Now the Cartoon Network logo is a large rectangle divided into two squares in two colors – black and white On a black square written in white font letter "C" on a white square and black letter "N" Under these letters of a painted inscription: "Cartoon Network"Three years ago, a famous TV channel celebrated its twentieth anniversary, summing up his experience cartoon network in Rossiyaskaya cartoon network slowly but steadily has been optimized for the Russian Federation and was officially launched here In Russia began broadcasting in 2005 in Russian Until that time in Russia also broadcast this channel, only this time in English, because then he was focused for the countries of Eastern Europe, the TV Channel cartoon network produces a large number of animated films and TV series Here are some of them: Prankster'angelo Generator Rex Ben 10: Alien super powers Ben 10 johnny Test Scooby-Doo Show, the Looney Tunes adventure Time Inazuma 11 the Amazing world of Gumball Games cartoon network is interesting, fun, witty with nice graphics cartoons Thanks to them, you will be in a world of cartoon characters, can help Scooby-Doo and the team to solve the riddle, help Finn and Jake to help save from harm their friends or become the owner of the bakugan and take part in exciting battles with like-minded people If you have a little our collection of games cartoon network, you can visit the official website of the company wwwcartoonnetworkru in Russian

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