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Legendary hero need your help - Batman games open the door to the world famous man-bat, who goes in search of the villain who is high time to punish. Ready to get the most incredible adventure of his life? Then start the game Batman! It should be recalled that the Batman in normal life is a wealthy man, and he has loyal friends – Robin and Alfred. The main violators of the peace of Gotham are Joker, two-Faced, Poisonous spider, etc. In the process of confrontation, the rescuer of a huge metropolis shows agility, speed and uses different fighting techniques. These games give a great opportunity to feel like a real hero, able to boldly stand against the wiles of evil.

Batman Games - Play Online For Free!

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Space pirate Space pirate
Dr. Frieze Dr. Frieze
Dogs Batman Dogs Batman
The dark knight The dark knight
Trap Trap
Villains Villains
Bank robbery Bank robbery
Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze
The Joker's Escape The Joker's Escape
Night flight Batman Night flight Batman
Gotham city Gotham city
Tyr Tyr
Watchmaker Watchmaker
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The Cast Of Batman The Cast Of Batman
The main villain The main villain
Exciting race Exciting race
Balls Balls
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Dark streets of Gotham Dark streets of Gotham
Mazes Mazes
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Coil Coil
Darkness Darkness
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Comics Comics
Prisoners Prisoners
Extreme Extreme
Puzzle Puzzle
Old enemies Old enemies
Dangerous race Dangerous race
Loner Loner
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Night city Night city
A strange incident A strange incident
Batman on a motorcycle Batman on a motorcycle
The Savior The Savior
Puzzles Puzzles
Pursuit Of The Joker Pursuit Of The Joker
Puzzle Batman and Robin Puzzle Batman and Robin
Batman vs Superman basketball tournament Batman vs Superman basketball to
The Stunts Of Batman The Stunts Of Batman
Batman puzzle Batman puzzle
Night escape Night escape
Batman - the revolution Batman - the revolution
Arkham Asylum Arkham Asylum
Jumping Batman 2 Jumping Batman 2
Super truck Super truck
The brawl with Batman The brawl with Batman
Batman loves basketball Batman loves basketball
But jumping rooftops But jumping rooftops
Gotham city Gotham city
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Ice age Ice age
Batman in the ring Batman in the ring
Batman vs. the Scarecrow Batman vs. the Scarecrow
Mystical Bat-girl Mystical Bat-girl
The Batmobile The Batmobile

When you look at the level of crime, I want to do something, many dream to change the world for the better. And only some dare to real actions. Among them are the known heroes. For example, the one which is dedicated to the application of this section. Games Batman: who is the main character? The world first became acquainted with this character back in 1939, when the publishing house DC Comics superhero presented his vision - man-bat. Batman is the secret of the second person of billionaire Bruce Wayne, who lives in the fictional city of Gotham. This place is a projection of Chicago with the addition of certain elements inherent in New York. Game Batman The game's story begins with Batman Wayne's childhood, who witnessed the murder of their parents. That day, he gave his word to do everything possible to crime is no longer triumph over good, and justice has always been above evil. Game Batman the hero demonstrate perfectly prepared physically and morally, which overlooks the city streets in a suit styled bat. The character is different from the others in that it does not possess some kind of supernatural powers. In his arsenal of high intelligence, art martial arts skills of espionage, excellent knowledge of technology, as well as the indomitable will and physical strength. In 2011, according to IGN it was he who took the second place in the ranking of "One Hundred best comic book characters of all time." It is therefore not surprising that the game Batman as quickly appeared on the Internet in such numbers - the hero is so strong and brave that wants to join his heroism. And you can do it right now - the best applications are collected in this section of our site. Games Batman defeat the evil! Let's see what Batman themed games available for launch today: fight - fight with opponents in the ring, on city streets and other locations to which you send the game Batman. Using a computer mouse and keyboard, apply deft strokes, and necessarily reflect enemy attack. Then you definitely win in this app! race - the famous Batmobile waiting for when you find yourself in a chair and hit the gas pedal! Catch up with opponents and finish first - in this case, victory will be yours. Some games Batman provide for transfer to the other type of transport: sometimes it is a fast motorcycle, some - a big truck or something else, then you have never seen; jumping - the Batman often have to chase criminals, jumping from one roof to another, overcoming different obstacles and laying out on the full, to get to the villain. Therefore, these games Batman can be compared with sports applications - here, too, we need full concentration and dexterity; Logic - collect puzzles, find a way out of the maze and solve the puzzle theme. These games will help you train the Batman not only the muscles of the arms - you have to connect your intelligence and intuition. and dozens of other applications built around the famous man-bat! Help the hero to get rid of evil in Gotham - Batman run games now!

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