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What is ice cream: a favorite treat of children and adults, or something else? For example, the hero's famous application? If you haven't heard of the game bad ice cream, it's time to fill the gap – we invite you to join the sweet and exciting world!

Bad Ice Cream Games - Play Online For Free!

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Bright arcade with a convenient and interesting gameplay, in which you can play together, is just about games bad ice cream In 2009 the company "nitrome" released the first part, which surprisingly has quickly taken a leading position in the ratings of the users, no one has launched an expensive advertising campaign in the Internet was not aggressive PR, but the games bad ice cream has become a favorite pastime not only among children, but adults and their friends, relatives and even roditelam what is the secret app? Let's try razobratsya awaits those who opens the game bad ice cream: Perhaps the most extraordinary heroes the Name speaks for itself – you have to stand on the side of this ice cream, which will collect the fruit and perform other actions, quite peculiar to this famous dessert But still we is in game, not real world, so everything is possible! Several dozen of the game's levels Is not just another adventure game bad ice cream include around 40 levels, which can be taken alone or together with other Opponents, assignments, and other intriguing elements of Each level is a certain period of time for which you need to collect the fruits scattered across the map Think that it's just? But the games bad ice cream is a more interesting application than it might seem Next to fruit will always be security guards who at one touch turn you into a puddle of milk, then you go to the very beginning of the level That monsters will be a variety of sizes with a frightening appearance, but if you will not approach too close to them, they are not dangerous But the higher the level, the harder it is to reach win – the opponents start to shoot at you, and the speed of movement and intelligence will be much higher than in the initial stages of True friendship in the online Game bad ice cream have one nice distinctive feature – even if one player dies, the case continues to the second participant So protect each other's backs, and be ready to reach the end of the Game bad ice cream is presented in several parts that differ in gameplay and complexity But they are all United in a great mood, vivid storyline and great opportunity to spend your free time

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