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Game Baby hazel devoted to small, blond girl, who worries a lot: you need to grow, to explore the world and get out of different troubles. Help her in every adventure and become the new winner of these apps!

Baby hazel Games - Play Online For Free!

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Disneyland Disneyland
Christmas Christmas
Stomach Hazel Stomach Hazel
Hazel Manners Hazel Manners
Troublesome task Troublesome task
Knowledge of the world Knowledge of the world
Care of the baby Care of the baby
Fishing Fishing
Young naturalist Young naturalist
Holiday Holiday
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Kindergarten Kindergarten
Naughty girl Naughty girl
Baby in the snow Baby in the snow
Sleep time Sleep time
The Hazel House The Hazel House
Creativity Creativity
Weekend Weekend
Nanny Nanny
Sunny beach Sunny beach
Taking care of hazel Taking care of hazel
Great joy Great joy
Animals Hazel Animals Hazel
She was ill She was ill
Baby hazel learns manners Baby hazel learns manners
Flying a kite Flying a kite
The first rain The first rain
Tea party Tea party
Mothers day Mothers day
Party allowed Party allowed
Easter fun Easter fun
Baby hazel plays doctor Baby hazel plays doctor
Earth Day Earth Day
Cleaning time Cleaning time
Adventure baby hazel Adventure baby hazel
Fancy dress Fancy dress
Hygiene in the bathroom Hygiene in the bathroom
Dance of the ballerina Dance of the ballerina
The wash The wash
Summer fun Summer fun
Royal bath Royal bath
The problem brother The problem brother
Care for parrots Care for parrots
House Granny House Granny
Skin problems Skin problems
Preschool picnic Preschool picnic
Time for a swim Time for a swim
Baby hazel learns colors Baby hazel learns colors
Baby hazel ice Princess Baby hazel ice Princess
Baby hazel - new year's punch Baby hazel - new year's punch
Winter fashion Winter fashion
Christmas dreams Christmas dreams
Baby hazel farm tomatoes Baby hazel farm tomatoes
The birthday party The birthday party
Baby hazel rock star Baby hazel rock star
Party outdoors Party outdoors
Castle Halloween Castle Halloween
Crafts for Halloween Crafts for Halloween
Gingerbread house Gingerbread house
Baby hazel at beach Baby hazel at beach
Party in the backyard Party in the backyard
Baby hazel in Disneyland Baby hazel in Disneyland
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Baby hazel learns seasons Baby hazel learns seasons
Science fair Science fair
Baby hazel in Dolphin Baby hazel in Dolphin
Fun in the kitchen Fun in the kitchen
Baby hazel is preparing Baby hazel is preparing
Baby hazel playing with her brother Baby hazel playing with her brot
St. Patrick's day St. Patrick's day
A surprise for baby hazel A surprise for baby hazel
Come spring Come spring
Makeup Makeup
Day brothers and sisters Day brothers and sisters
Beach party Beach party
Baby hazel Princess Baby hazel Princess
Baby hazel has appeared brother Baby hazel has appeared brother
Baby hazel broke her arm Baby hazel broke her arm

Little princesses always swim in the love of parents who seek to fulfill their every whim and desire of the Game Baby hazel on one of these beautiful babies You will have a fascinating adventure in which there are bright fun and the need to go to the hospital, pranks with friends, or even training tasks Let's see what today, you can play along with this special geroiney Baby hazel: what to do with a small rebekkamaria ready to keep up with the main character: she has a lot of energy, a great desire to explore the world, so she will look for adventure even where an adult would not be able to find them!In this section there are the main categories of online applications: Feed Baby hazel – these games are available in two variations: you need to cook something for the baby or hazel would handle this issue In both cases you need to be extremely cautious and extremely careful: Princess of the magic world, so the wrong actions can lead to burns or cuts from sharp kitchen knives Brings to the doctor – these games Baby hazel is based on the principle of online applications the Hospital, only here the same lovely, honey, cute character You need to check your teeth and if required to visit your dentist to check your tummy, vision and undergo other diagnostic procedures Some of the game Baby hazel include the treatment of Pets – you need to help the heroine to cure a puppy or kitten in a special veterinary clinic Follow the prompts of the application and make sure hazel was happy Then you will get the maximum points and the title of the new champion Fun games Baby hazel – as a normal child, she loves to play and be naughty So get ready to plunge into the bright children's world, which is full of different adventures and unusual jobs Celebrate Halloween, celebrate Thanksgiving and don't forget to decorate the room for birthday hazel, You need to pick up clothes, take quests, and all the time make sure that the baby remained in a good mood Home care - comes a certain time and Baby hazel needs to brush her teeth, wash up, prepare for bed, and after a while in the room to clean and look after younger brothers In short, these games Baby hazel full of chores and small jobs that must be done Otherwise you will really start Learning games Baby hazel – you have to learn basic colors, to help the heroine to understand the rules of etiquette, and even learn to swim! All this time you should be near and try to send hazel in the right direction Sometimes you have to take in the situation, make her understand how to do the right thing These games are especially suited for little girls – with the help of these online applications, parents can teach them the basics of behavior in society are the main types of the game Baby hazel, if you look at the section with the application to the end, you'll find many more interesting variations of skiing, head to the preschool class, come to the beach and care for new Pets – and all this you will do together with wonderful Chazelet very good and useful online games: they teach good things, the need to behave properly in society and to care for each other So choose them not only for their children but also they themselves look in the game Baby hazel Sure they will appeal to your whole family!

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