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Adult angels and demons have a direct impact on people's lives and play with their fates in the animated series "Friends of Angels". Cartoon tells about the interesting and fascinating history have not held angels and demons – Teens who learn from the experience of senior colleagues and learn this skill. The main task of angels is to learn professional skills declination of the person on either side – good or evil, respectively. While learning the characters of this cartoon needs to undergo a series of adventures and trials, to the end to pass this "exam" perfectly.

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Interestingly, in addition to fighting angels with demons, there is the enemy is much worse and worse – it's the neutrals in order to defeat his angels and demons will need to combine their efforts and act together Neutrals is a schemer whose actions forced the leaders of the leaders of the angels and demons to fall in love with each other unfortunately, they faced a new problem – with love being the opposite of race is prohibited by all codes of the Game Friends of Angels will allow you to grow up together with their favorite characters, learn to love, to forgive, to fight evil or just to have fun "Friends of angels" is an Italian animated series, which first appeared on TV screens in 2009, the Basis of this animated series became a comic that became popular in 2007, the First seasons of the series "Friends of angels" caused a wave of excitement from critics and audiences worldwide as a Consequence, a decision was made about the release of the feature film, 2011 premiere of the animated film "Friends of angels: Between dream and reality" Everything in this cartoon takes place in the summer holidays, All activities continue after the end of the first season of the show Especially for you we selected the best the game Friends of angels for free and without registration As you know, here you can find a large selection of genres for everyone: coloring pages, puzzles, platformer, and arcade, as well as intellectual games Through our website, you will be able to immerse yourself in a fantastic world in which you will need to fight for justice with his opponent and for his true love with his ally the Storyline of the animated series "Friends of angels"Storyline of the cartoon "Friends of angels" is based on stories about teenagers, the angels and the demons that are faced in their young age with different adventures and challengesTheir main task - is to learn from their elders and learn how to entice people to take sides - good or evil history of the animated series begins with the fact that its main characters are fighting with each other, down to earth and try to entice people on one side or another to In order to become an angel or a demon, adolescents need to practice a lot and in the end to pass the exam Furthermore, there is a special code which regulates some of the rules, for example, the inhabitants of heaven and hell should not overlap with each other and work with certain people take turns most the main rule is a ban on any relationship between the parties to the Regulations have regulations, but angels and demons is still there on the ground and talk to each other at one point they recognize that in addition to them, there is a third party - neutrals These evil creatures are threatened not only by the the inhabitants of heaven and hell, but to all mankind to confront them is very difficult, so the angels and demons decided to unite for a common goal Neutrals are hatching a single goal - to free their leader - Reyna, who is in jail in order to release him neutrals need to make angels and demons to love each other, because this happens a powerful explosion happen Apocalypse After an explosion invisible bonds burst and the Rhine will be released evil witch found a way out and to create a special spider that bit the leader teen angel Raphael and the leader of adolescent demons Sulfusa kiss invisible bonds disappear and the Rhine comes to freedom now, but united, angels and demons will be able to save not only themselves, but all mankind positive and negative heroes of the movie "Angel's Friends" Angels and Demons alike, because they all know how to fly, have supernatural powers, and has wings but goals are different - to entice people on the side of good or the side of evil angels Raf - the girl, the leader of the adolescent angel She has long blonde hair met Sulfusa - leader of adolescent demons is its eternal enemy, but as a result of the action evil sorceress guys fall in love Falling in love with her enemy, she decided not to go to the Golden University and try to become a man, to be with Sulfusom the world Uri - a best friend Raf, which always supports it, but envy your girlfriend for her status, because she would like to become the leader of the angels sweet - a beautiful, clever and resourceful girl is very fond of pink and shopping Miki - one of the most dangerous women angels, ready to not hesitate to go to battle demons Sulfus - the leader of the demons Sulfus nature evil, ruthless, vain, even his appearance meets these specifications - biker style, as well as yellow eyes is interesting that fell in love with Rafe sulfite decided not to go to university and try to become a man, to be with his beloved Kabbalah and Convertible - Girls members demon groups Kabale are assistant and right hand Sulfusa and Convertible - her best friend Kabale secretly in love Sulfusa, who did not even guess Gus - big and fat demon is the best friend Sulfusa and loves to eat Interesting facts about the cartoon "Angel's Friends "There are many interesting facts about the cartoon" Angel's Friends ": The creators of the animated series made their characters a little older than in the comic storyline remained, but the characters have lost their ability to play a musical instrument in the comics there was no love line Raf and Sulfusa, which was later connected writers on the show look of the characters in this film differs from the comic book characters - it was added to a round shape in the comic book character Malaki was a former demon, in the cartoon - an assistant and right hand of a neutral Rhine Games Friends angels to help you along with their favorite characters go through a complex and thorny way to fight with the evil neutrals, try to destroy all of mankind Help your heroes rescue people Enjoy the game!

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