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Welcome to the world ruled by magic and unforgettable adventure! You are in the category of "Aladdin Game", which is based on the famous cartoon. So get ready to meet your favorite characters, help solve problems and they will thank you wonderful spent time.

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Prince Of Persia Prince Of Persia
Trap Trap
Flying carpet and Jasmine Flying carpet and Jasmine
Enchanted tomb Enchanted tomb
Who was the first Who was the first
The scary dungeon The scary dungeon
Princess of the East and Aladdin Princess of the East and Aladdin
Magic lamp Magic lamp
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Outfits Jasmine Outfits Jasmine
New style Aladdin New style Aladdin
Release Of The Djinn Release Of The Djinn
Aladdin and Jasmine Aladdin and Jasmine
Performance Performance
At sunset At sunset
Assemble parts Assemble parts
Outfit Gina Outfit Gina
Two princesses Two princesses
Coloring pages Coloring pages
Charming Princess Charming Princess
Love Jasmine Love Jasmine
Rotten eggs Rotten eggs
The evil guards The evil guards
Kisses Kisses
Aladdin in the maze Aladdin in the maze
Aladdin and the Genie Aladdin and the Genie
Aladdin's Lamp Aladdin's Lamp
Aladdin and Princess Jasmine Aladdin and Princess Jasmine
Hidden stars Hidden stars
The Quest For Aladdin The Quest For Aladdin
Puzzle games - Aladdin and Jasmine Puzzle games - Aladdin and Jasmi
Love kisses Love kisses
Aladdin Aladdin
Alladin bike Alladin bike
Princess Jasmine kissing Prince Princess Jasmine kissing Prince
Treasure catcher Treasure catcher

Cartoon "the adventures of Aladdin" appeared on the screens many years ago, but its unusual storyline, memorable characters and charm of the Eastern world made it a real hitonatsu not surprising the fact that today there are dozens of games in which the main characters are the heroes of the movie are You ready to become a part of this fabulous tale? Games Aladdin: what adventures prepared for you?The developers tried to consider all wishes and preferences of gamers, so at your disposal: arcade – get ready to overcome the snares of the evil Jafar, the Genie to calm down and deal with the antics of the parrot Iago; the coloring on the screen will appear black-and-white outline, which you have online to turn in juicy picture, Use the cursor and palette, activate your sense of taste and your coloring is the best that has appeared in this game, a puzzle – assemble the puzzle, find the necessary objects and perform other tasks, which require focus and concentration on your speed and willingness will affect the lives of the characters and then, will you be a new winner, or your place will be occupied by someone else; dress up – prepare the Princess to the meeting with Aladdin, but don't forget to pay attention to the hero, otherwise Jasmine could leave, and you have to start the game from the start; the race – a dizzying adventure that await you when you run Aladdin game You have to get out of the cave, where lava boils, escape the enemies and always come first to the finish line Otherwise you risk to lose and be on the start You will notice that Aladdin game presented in different galeach the fact that some were created almost immediately after the release of the cartoon, others came later, and the majority dated only a few years ago Therefore you truly have freedom of choice But each of them has interesting plot, nice music and lots of interesting jobs that are waiting for asigra Aladdin is the most famous tale, today can be a part of your life absolutely free and without tedious registration, Just choose the app, run it and become a winner!

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