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Despite what the main character games adventure Time, Finn, not particularly intelligent, this is compensated by his bravery and courage. It is because of these qualities he becomes a hero on his planet. With your help he will be able to maintain its reputation and to once again get out of difficult traps! What happens when the world will start a nuclear war? Games offer the adventure is not the most epic and tragic version - you go on a journey with cute characters that will guide you on the road the most incredible entertainment and competitions.

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Bloody worm Bloody worm
Sweet Kingdom Sweet Kingdom
Fights Fights
The invasion of the Horde The invasion of the Horde
Journey Journey
Frozen Princess Frozen Princess
Jumping Jumping
The great mystery The great mystery
Bean collection Bean collection
The curse The curse
Finn and Jake lit Finn and Jake lit
Underground treasure Underground treasure
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Dogfight Dogfight
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Saving the planet Saving the planet
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Tennis championship Tennis championship
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Air rider Air rider
Music Kingdom 2 Music Kingdom 2
Music Kingdom Music Kingdom
Apple picking Apple picking
Magic hat 2 Magic hat 2
Lost swords Lost swords
Blind Finn 2 Blind Finn 2
Sweet roll Sweet roll
Blind Finn Blind Finn
The Kingdom Of Rukusa The Kingdom Of Rukusa
The legendary sword The legendary sword
Skateboarding Skateboarding
The last memories The last memories
Crazy Halloween Crazy Halloween
Super adventure time Super adventure time
Blocks Blocks
Match Fiona Match Fiona
Jungle Jungle
Celestial dream Celestial dream
Amazing race Amazing race
Adventure time Adventure time
Flying Finn and Jake Flying Finn and Jake
Lemon drop Lemon drop
Funny jumping Funny jumping

Apocalypse must be accompanied by the tragedy and the destruction of mankind? Games the adventure show - in fact, it all depends on how you look at this event. For example, you can take your friends and go to help other people affected by the tragedy. But let's start in order - how do you start this amazing story? What is the Game of adventure? It all began with the animated television series, created in 2010, well-known companies Frederator Studios and Cartoon Network Studios exclusively for the channel Cartoon Network. The story follows the adventures of two inseparable friends: a guy named Finn and his English bulldog Jake, who concurrently not only companion, but also a magical dog. Game Adventure The adventure games are held in one unusual location: this post-apocalyptic world, which is called the Land of Ooo. In fact, this is our home planet, post-nuclear war, which is so hard to predict all the writers and directors. By the way, it is called "The Great War of mushrooms" - all because of the shape of clouds, which appear after the nuclear explosions (they too are like mushrooms). According to the scenario of the game the adventure, after the war, the Earth is only half. But this is only the beginning: those residents who survived turned into a mutant, but in reality the real magic came. Game adventure: everything is just beginning ... In such circumstances, and live together with Finn and Jake in his tree house. Boy takes the word: to help and to save all who would be in trouble. At this time and based adventure game - hundreds of adventure, dangerous missions, ordinary tasks, and all this is available on our website. The first games of the adventure appeared in 2012 - it was developing for Nintendo. It will take quite some time and the enduring popularity of this story will be continued in applications for mobile gadgets. Today, the adventure game has to Nintendo and PlayStation. And yet in this app you can play right in your browser - we have prepared a special collection that will please both you and the younger members of your family. Game adventure: it's time to begin the journey! If other applications, there are dozens of varieties, in the case of this game are mostly created these types of entertainment: Fighting - and what you can still do when half your world is a mutant? But there are still those who need help - that will come to them and the heroes of the adventure games! Adventure - to get to the survivors of a nuclear war, it is necessary to overcome many obstacles, and perform various tasks. Games the adventure accompanied by hints, so you always know when and what to do to win. But if you turn pages to the end, you'll see - there are other formats of the adventure game. They are waiting for you to run them - and you are ready to help Finn and Jake to save the remnants of his world? Open play the adventure, and immediately find yourself in an incredible world where indeed have something to do!

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