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Trololo or otherwise called - Trollface, fairly well-known fictional character of the Internet. Many people know that the drawing grinning faces (troll) was drawn back in 2008, just a few months, he scored unprecedented popularity and became a real internet meme. Developers and programmers gaming industry immediately took up this theme, the game Troll face began to gain popularity among his fans. Games about Trololo was released a great many, most of which was immediately added to our website. Each game is about Troll face - is unique and is a separate adventure story Trololo games are available in a variety of genres from quests to rpg and shooters and platform searching. In any case, these games are designed to entertain the young audience and the popularization of the Internet meme Trololo among the younger generation of Internet users. With the advent of flash games online - the makers opened a huge space for creativity and realization of his ideas, some games will surprise and some are made with irony and humor, so it's time to be bored you just will not.

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Trollface Quest 2Trollface Quest 2
Trollface Quest 3Trollface Quest 3
Trollface Quest 4Trollface Quest 4
Trollface Quest 5Trollface Quest 5
Trollface ComicsTrollface Comics
Fail MenFail Men
Youtube TrollfaceYoutube Trollface
Trollface SportTrollface Sport
Troll Cannon 2Troll Cannon 2

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