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Searching where you can play Sonic online? Come to our site! We have assembled an excellent game about Sonic. You do not know who Sonic? - Do not matter, we are now all clearly tell and show. Sonic is a blue hedgehog of whom removed cartoons, as a hero of old Sonic games on the platform dendy and sega. Sonic the Hedgehog is that is constantly on the move, for him there is no word - he is always ready to help his friends. It is rumored that Sonic arrived from another planet to Earth to help people fight the evil that is why Sonic collect gold rings - a special power rings that give him energy for new achievements. Dr. Eggman - an evil character is the inventor of the world of Sonic, he constantly expands and harms everything in their favor. One day Sonic firmly decided for themselves - to neutralize Dr. Eggman, and went looking for him on the way Sonic waiting for very large barriers and obstacles to his goal. Dr. Eggman - an evil psychopath who constantly collects monstrous weapons and has all the animals very big impact. As you sit idly by? Most go into the game and start your way to neutralize the evil doctor. Sonic himself is a very large number of fans, if you're also a fan of the blue porcupine - press the button social. Networks on our website and support the development of this page.

Sonic Games - Play Online For Free!

Boost up project by clicking
Skateboarder Skateboarder
Collect the tile Collect the tile
Dangerous opponent Dangerous opponent
Motocross Motocross
Coloring Coloring
Jumping Jumping
Pictures from life Pictures from life
Applique Applique
Time kisses Time kisses
Interesting job Interesting job
Find a pair Find a pair
The maze The maze
Photos pizza Photos pizza
Christmas village Christmas village
Sonic and his friends Sonic and his friends
Merry company Merry company
Snowboarder Snowboarder
Next journey Next journey
Red Sonic Red Sonic
Memory training Memory training
Not painted figure Not painted figure
Unusual blue hedgehog Unusual blue hedgehog
Sonic develops motorcycle Sonic develops motorcycle
New acquisition New acquisition
Biker on the waterfront Biker on the waterfront
Big construction Big construction
Cubes Cubes
Winter sports Winter sports
Balls Balls
Colored motorcycle Colored motorcycle
Air skate Air skate
Super Sonic jump Super Sonic jump
A dangerous RAID A dangerous RAID
Super battle Super battle
The superiority of the enemy The superiority of the enemy
Racing area Racing area
An avid traveler An avid traveler
Sonic x Sonic x
Sonic and Mario Sonic and Mario
Sonic x for two Sonic x for two
Sonic x 4 Sonic x 4
Sonic 2 Sonic 2
For girls For girls
Sonic 4 Sonic 4
Sonic x 2 Sonic x 2
Fights Fights
Race Race
Sonic 10 Sonic 10
Super Sonic Super Sonic
Sonic 3 Sonic 3
Underground Underground
Sonic vs bats Sonic vs bats
Sonic in another dimension Sonic in another dimension
Sonic Sega Sonic Sega
Fantastic trio Fantastic trio
Mario and sonic Mario and sonic
The Era Of Sonic The Era Of Sonic
Super Sonic Super Sonic
Sonic and his brothers Sonic and his brothers
Sonic in the labyrinth Sonic in the labyrinth
Angel island Angel island
Sonic vs vipers Sonic vs vipers
Extreme biker Extreme biker
Crazy Sonic Crazy Sonic
Sonic and Mario zombie killer Sonic and Mario zombie killer
Sonic in Mario world Sonic in Mario world
Sonic in high school Sonic in high school
Aerial pursuit Aerial pursuit
Sonic x Sonic x
Sonic Jump Sonic Jump
Sonic in ball Sonic in ball
Sonic And ApplesSonic And Apples
Flappy Sonic And TailsFlappy Sonic And Tails
Sonic Heroes Go HomeSonic Heroes Go Home
Super Sonic Waterfall AdventureSuper Sonic Waterfall Adventure
Sonic Truck WarsSonic Truck Wars
Super Sonic RunnerSuper Sonic Runner
Sonic Star Race 2Sonic Star Race 2
Sonic Love HunterSonic Love Hunter
Sonic Thunder RideSonic Thunder Ride
Sonic Halloween FunSonic Halloween Fun
Sonic Maze CrazeSonic Maze Craze
Sonic On CloudsSonic On Clouds
Sonic RideSonic Ride
Super Sonic Diwali FunSuper Sonic Diwali Fun
Sonic Angel IslandSonic Angel Island

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