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Welcome to the official page of the game Gravity Falls. Based on the popular American cartoon series, a series of flash games, which were immediately added to our website. Games based on the story of the cartoon series and includes protagonists themselves - a boy and girl twins, who as in the animated series are currently a lot of adventures.

games are quite diverse and include all kinds of Action with dippers and games for girls about Mabel. The village itself Gravity Falls is located deep in the forest and brings with it many mysteries and puzzles, clues are hidden in the games in this section. To one of the most interesting and instructive games - include a game about numbers. In this game you will need to look for the numbers from one to ten, which were carefully hidden in the pictures of the cartoon series.

games Gravity Falls - can play absolutely any players, no age restrictions. If you experience difficulties with the management of the game, or you are unfamiliar English - Call any of the adults, they will help you and show you how to play. Basically games are designed for a fan of the animated series, control characters is left to chance, so we wish you a pleasant and productive games.

Gravity Falls Games - Play Online For Free!

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Hanging Gravity falls Hanging Gravity falls
Mabel at the doctor Mabel at the doctor
Hidden letters Hidden letters
Double vortex - the mystery of death Double vortex - the mystery of d
Night fright Night fright
Mystery shack Mystery shack
A strong blow pigs A strong blow pigs
Mystery trip Mystery trip
Gravity falls puzzle Gravity falls puzzle
Gravity Falls Golf In The AtticGravity Falls Golf In The Attic
Gravity Falls Revenge Of RumbleGravity Falls Revenge Of Rumble
Gravity Falls Mystic QuestGravity Falls Mystic Quest
Mabel And PlumpMabel And Plump
Gravity Falls Revenge Of GideonGravity Falls Revenge Of Gideon
Gravity Falls ZombiesGravity Falls Zombies
Pig ChubbyPig Chubby
Gravity Falls StanGravity Falls Stan
Gravity Falls RaceGravity Falls Race
Soos AdventuresSoos Adventures
Mabel And Dipper At The DentistMabel And Dipper At The Dentist
Gravity Falls Whirlwind Of FateGravity Falls Whirlwind Of Fate
Gravity Falls RPGGravity Falls RPG
Flappy Gravity FallsFlappy Gravity Falls
Gravity Falls PuzzlesGravity Falls Puzzles
Mabel At The DoctorMabel At The Doctor
Gravity Falls Spot The NumbersGravity Falls Spot The Numbers

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is a project of Disney's start the description of a series of games perhaps with their names. What in general is Gravity Falls and how to say? Gravity Falls Gravity Falls or. The unequivocal answer no you will not, and we believe - that both answers are correct. Gravity Falls - this mysterious town of Oregon (USA), which are developing very strange events. It was in 2012, after the first series of the movie - he started gaining immense popularity. All series of short, but it did not affect the rating of the animated series. At the moment, there were two main seasons the cartoon + assembly of small sketches titled "Gravity Falls - Things to do."

Games about Gravity Falls themselves are themed stick with the characters of the animated series: Dipper and Mabel twins. The plot revolves around gaming diary, which found Dipper in the forest. The diary of the anonymous author describes in detail all anomalies town of Gravity Falls. Certainly Dipper with Mabel begin Blogs verify all the anomalies and attempt to find the author of the diary, but finds adventure on his ass.

From flash games of Gravity Falls basis is Action, which a lot of unusual creatures. Studying town Dipper and Mabel could run into a variety of monsters, ghosts or face the magic - but it does not scare them at all, they believe it is absolutely normal. On the exit of the new games is not reported, but we are watching the official sources, will be released as soon as a new game - it will appear immediately on our website.

Some reasons to play in Gravity Falls right now:
  1. In the game Gravity Falls - pronounced thematic plot, very good graphics and pleasant control.
  2. Games Gravity Falls - are an integral part of the animated series, the developers took care to add to the game as much as possible of heroes from the movie .
  3. Dipper and Mabel almost all flash games are wholly similarity with the original, which is presented in a cartoon.
grandfather of Gravity Falls Right now, on this page you can choose your favorite game and play dippers or Mabel. Games Gravity Falls on our website are available online constantly, completely free of charge and without registration. Just go and play. Cheats Gravity Falls can be viewed from virtually every memory stick. Especially for you we are adding video to youtube seeing that you know how to take the game. Dipper and Mabel Under each game is a form of comments, you can ask a question and you wait for a response from the other players. Games Gravity Falls suitable for children of any generation, certainly better if they looked cartoon about Gravity Falls, but do not even watch a cartoon game is very interesting and bright. Management friendly and affordable - for children is the most important thing. The most interesting games are waiting for their players get impressions and emotions playing in flash game about Gravity Falls.

Characters Gravity Falls:

The game has almost all the characters from the movie, and now we will give them a brief biography and try to describe their role in the flash games. You know, pretty cool when you can manage your favorite characters from the movie and perform any action, it gives a positive charge. We put your attention to the fact that the possibility is not at all the sites dedicated to Gravity Falls.

Dipper Pines - is the main character of the movie, he is also present in many flash games of Gravity Falls. She has a sister - twins named Mabel. Dipper 12 years and for his age he is quite intelligent and interesting boy. And once in a mysterious town for the summer holidays Dipper finds a diary written by an anonymous author. The diary describes in detail all anomalies town of Gravity Falls, certainly Dipper decided to check all the anomalies, together with his sister Mabel.

Mabel Pines - twin sister Dipper, who came for the summer holidays with the dipper to his uncle Stan. In games Mabel constantly helps Dipper solving puzzles or acts of secondary characters. We want to draw attention to the game Mabel and plump, which is created based on the series in which Mabel won the plump pig, that moment lighted in this particular game. The basis of all games with Mabel - it rpg, at Mabel's very good at helping his brother. However, the game has completely devoted sister Dipper, such as a game in which Mabel visits doctor - this game for girls in which you want to heal the wounds on the face of Mabel.

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