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Play Free Breadwinners Games

Based on the new cartoon Breadwinners - flash games have been released. Breadwinners - two other named SwaySway and Buhdeuce and who work in a bakery and bake fresh bread, then the guys perform the delivery of fresh bread in the city on his jet Duckcity pickup truck. Breadwinners not sit still and constantly find adventure on his head, in every game they found amusing obstacles, and only you can help them to overcome the ducks. The game is played Breadwinners many fans of the animated series, that's where you're still able to work the provider of fresh rolls and bread? The guys have a faithful friend and helper, which acts as a jet truck. On Breadwinners pickup truck and perform the delivery of bread, the way they are constantly helping truck ducks in difficult situations. As you already understood - the main task is Breadwinners service for fresh bread (before it cools) to its customers. About Breadwinners was released a significant amount of flash games, the main actions in the games is managing SwaySway and Buhdeuce. All games are designed for children, so much difficulty in understanding and passage was observed. We hope that the game about Breadwinners you will be interested.

Breadwinners Games - Play Online For Free!

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Glebocka Glebocka
Punch it B! Punch it B!
Production of bread Production of bread
Hleboutki New YearHleboutki New Year
Hleboutki Yesterday's BreadHleboutki Yesterday's Bread
Bread-ducks SoccerBread-ducks Soccer
Bread-ducks Delivery Of BreadBread-ducks Delivery Of Bread

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